Wonderful Customer Service

I got to have another wonderful “Customer Service” experience this morning here in Germany. I had ordered something for Little Miss which was delivered on Monday or Tuesday (I don’t remember) but it had a mark on the front so I asked the merchant to please send a new one or accept the item back at a full refund (including shipping.) The accepted and were so nice (see http://www.fruitandjuice.de/ for a wonderful shopping experience). The replacement was sent out via GLS shipping. Yesterday (when I might add I did not leave the house until 5 pm) the package was attempted to be delivered at 14:15 (according to the delivery notice). That’s funny, my bell never rang. And it’s pretty loud, I’d hear it no matter where I am. Anyway. Dh and Boo go down to re-check the mail about 7 (there was none previously). A slip was left for delivery notice and the package was left with the neighbor. The neighbor said he was taking out his trash when they asked him to accept the package so he asked them to leave it there and he’d take it in when we came right back. The trash bin is around the corner. When the neighbor came back there was no package left. OK so maybe the delivery guy did not want to leave it there. It’s a big box.
I called this morning, pre-coffee mind you, to try to sort out if they will redeliver or where the package is. After being transferred twice I get someone with good english who takes my zip code, street name and I even supplied the entire sender details of the package, company name, sender name and address (as I had just shipped the marked item back the day before). They put me on hold. Now let me tell my non-German readers a fun fact about living here. When you call any service number, the phone company even, they charge you a per minute fee. Like 24 cents per minute. I kid you not. So after a few minutes on hold (racking up the bill) I, not surprisingly, get disconnected. I miss American customer service. At least all you have to deal with there is being transferred to India.
So my package is out there somewhere. I sure hope it comes back.