Raise your hand if you want to be a diagnostician

It’s a witty title but I’m also in need of a diagnosis without the $20 copay or the $350 bill for a doctor saying f-all if I know what that is.  Let me back up a minute…

Every since I was a wee one, I’ve had freaky skin.  It’s icy pale (no, I’m not a vampire unless being cold pretty much 24/7 is the only qualifier but thanks for asking).  I’m also allergic to detergents (such as Tide, ERA, Sun, etc.), body soaps, lotions, blush make-up, bubble bath and the funnest one of all Latex.  I’m a veritable dermatologists dream.  I am the reason they can afford a weekend home.

So yesterday, when I was minding my own business taking a shower, I discovered this awesome rash.  My stomach is full of itty bitty (itchy) red bumps.  Oh yes, this is fun!  I was tempted to give the kids markers and let them have a connect the dots race to keep them occupied (and you know, so they wouldn’t fight) but common sense prevailed.  I only spent twenty minutes going what. the. heck. is. that. in the mirror.  I even made CP look at it.

The only ‘newish’ thing that I have eaten/done/touched/worn/bathed in would be attending a meeting at Thor’s school and regularly taking my medication for my thyroid.  I knew there was something off about those pills.  These are oblong and purple; my other ones were white and round.  Side effects include: nausea, anxiety, flushing, mood swings, muscle weakness, hair loss, sleeplessness, stomach cramps, tiredness and vomiting.

But then again so do kids, moving to Kentucky and wii.

I don’t know.  Maybe you’ll show up here and I haven’t posted in more than three point five days.  If that’s the case, you’ll know I’ve died.

*this post was inspired by my rash and Gina’s awesome post the other day about self-diagnosis.
*bolded sysmptoms are ones I also currently have. Joy. I suppose I shouldn’t try that Take-meds-every-other-day-or-three-days method in order to avoid going to the doctor for a refill and being stuck with a needle.

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