I’ve always wanted…

To live in a gated community. And now I once again do!
We went out and did some more baby shopping this weekend. Our staircase is a nightmare to figure out how to gate. Because of several reasons.
1. The staircase is not actually attatched to the wall.
2. The railings run horizontally not vertically.

So go figure that out when trying to buy a baby gate. Dh thinks he can rig something up. For now we bought a gate to put at Boo’s door to keep out Sizzy if he doesn’t want her messing with his toys. We put it on her door so he can try opening it, since it is hard to open like it’s supposed to be.
We are also having to return our second baby monitor. The first one sqeaked and picked up the neighbors and the second is voice activated. Which we quickly figured out if she even snorts in her sleep or rolls over we will hear this really loud white noise on top of the sound. So we are two for two. Geez, how I miss my wonderful Fisher Price Sounds and Lights monitor that was pre-mega-whatever-herz. That thing was a dream.

We also visited the stroller section of the store. I have gotten consent from the money keeper (aka dh) to get a good quality stroller (I am selling the so-so one I have and few other items to help cushion the price). Thanks to my previous post (and Christina saying she bought a Quinny) I have narrowed it down to the following choices: Quinny Buzz (have loved forever and always wanted this one), Mutsy 4Rider Light and a Bugaboo Frog. The Frog isn’t sold in Europe anymore so I am hunting them on ebay.de and have found several. But I can get a new Buzz for half the price of a new Frog. Mutsy falls in the middle and I am not so sure they are right about 19lbs weight. What to do? I think I am just seriously bored and making myself completely insane over this choice. I am a ebay junkie these days, checking prices and babelfish-ing the auctions to translate them. I asked a question by using babelfish going english to german but I think I made a big boo-boo because when I translated the answer I got it doesn’t make sense.
If you can help that would be great!

I asked: Hallo, lebe ich in NRW. Ist Ansammlung möglich? Ich bin traurig, daß mein grammer, ich sprechen sehr wenig deutsches schlecht ist. Danke.

And got this in reply: Hallo, was für eine Ansammlung?

If I translate the response babelfish says it’s – Hello, which for an accumulation?

I don’t get what that means. I wanted to ask if I could pick the item up instead of shipping it. So literal translation may be the downfall here.