Boys versus Girls

The boys of the house have gone with the Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts on an overnight camping trip.  Lot’s of frivolity (probably farting sounds made in armpits even), someone managed to get ahold of marshmallows, real graham crackers and chocolate bars.  Hot dogs even.  They will probably freeze tonight as it’s supposed to be about 40 degrees out but they do have a nice tent and cozy sleeping bags.  Let’s hope they survive.

A picture of my guys after Boo got his Tiger Cub patch, awwhh!
As for us girls we are having our own little party.  Dancing.  Chick loves to ‘shake it’.  She doesn’t usually perform for the camera though because we usually dance together (meaning I hold her).  But we had fun even if she didn’t eat my Martha Stewart dinner!
Okay okay, here’s the little video and yes that is the song you think in the background.