God Bless Ye Happy Turkey

I’ve heard talk that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  That can only mean one thing around here…

It’s time for Chinese food!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Around here we order in Chinese.  The trouble is that, here in Kentucky, the Chinese place is actually closed on Thanksgiving.  Are you kidding me?

I had to resort to plan B, which is this:

Choice selections from the Kroger frozen food aisle.  We do make some traditional items to go with our very untraditional Chinese meal though.  I make my grandmothers stuffing and a green bean casserole.  The fun part of Thanksgiving is that we are not traditional.  I don’t care for turkey (and the kids only eat it if you force them and add lots of ketchup) so inventing our own Thanksgiving meal suits me just fine.
Will you have a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday?  For my Canadian friends, what foods do you serve for your own country’s Thanksgiving?
Safe travels everyone!

Ten Favorite Things Meme With a Twist

Kat over at Sunshine and Lemonade (who’s having a kickin’ contest have ya heard??) anyway she did this fun meme with a twist and asked if anyone else wanted to do it.  And I said I did.  She assigned me the letter B.  Here are my ten favorite things that begin with the letter B:

1.  Beaches – as in sand and sun and water.  I love the beach.  My idea of a perfect holiday?  Me. A beach (preferably tropical but I’m not too picky).  A good book.

2.Babies – I’ve let two come and live with us and frankly that’s enough but they are sweet (when they are asleep…).  I will never miss a chance to hold your babies if I can, so long as I can give them back eventually.

3. Bratwurst – I have really come to love this sausage.  Especially Curry Wurst, mmmm.

4. Books – Seriously, I could live in a bookstore and quite possibly be the happiest woman on earth.

5. Beetle – As in the VW car.  This is a love ever since they brought out the new Beetle, what nearly ten years ago.  I remember the first time I saw one on a transport truck, right in Montgomeryville, PA, as I waited at the light at the mall.  Beautiful.  I will own one someday.

6. Brandon Heath – I am loving his music.  Good for the soul, it is.

brandon heath
7. Blogs (and Bloggers) – Without all my Blogger friends I don’t know what I’d do.  I hope I can meet more of you IRL someday.

8. Beauty – That’s very broad but I love the beauty that I see when I look out my living room window and see animals and hills and beautiful sunsets.  So many I have actually found them nearly commonplace.

9. Bond, James Bond – Seriously, need I say more?  (Though Bourne, Jason Bourne could also fill that niche quite well.)  

daniel craigJason Bourne
10.  Butternut Squash – Bizzare I know but Hubby’s Aunt T made butternut squash one year for Thanksgiving with onions and baked it and it was just fantastic.  I’ve tried to make it but peeling the squash and all that was wicked hard let me tell you.  So I’ll just dream about hers this year instead.
Butternut Squash
So that’s my list!  I send lots of Thanksgiving wishes to everyone on this day.  And I especially send my thoughts to my bloggy friends, Jill at the Perlmen Update and Carol at Northwest Ladybug.  One who lives in India and the other who works via the internet with India.  My thoughts are certainly with you today with the events happening in Mumbai.
And this just in from Hubby who attended ‘Open House’ at school this morning (where parents can hang around for a bit and see the kids in action) – 
Outside of his classroom is a display where the kids had to finish the sentence, “Peace is…”

Boo wrote “Peace is when it is quite.”  (quiet)

Gee wonder where he got that from??   😉

*On the bestest note – Overwhelmed is how I feel after opening my Mamarazzi package from Susie at Mommy, just one more minute!   Stay tuned for tomorrow’s delectable post about that!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! even though it is just a regular work/school day here (shame Germans don’t believe in celebrating the American holidays. Then again, they do have a ton of their own.) The kids are doing laps around me and the kitchen table, making me nervous since they have to pass over the computer cord every time. I am waiting for someone to trip. I put the highchair in front but they are still trying to sneak by. I guess what’s a kid without a few bruises, right?

On the computer front – I’m getting a new one! Yahoo! The biggest decision is laptop versus desktop. Currently I have a laptop but I wanted a desktop to help me be online less. And to make it easier for Boo to use (shh, he’s getting the Flight Simulator computer game from grandma and grandpa for Christmas – he’s going to flip he’ll be so excited!) But I am getting pressure to get a laptop. Right now there is no real room for a desktop unless we do something upstairs. In a few months (or less) we will be moving so we’ll have a place to put it. If I do get a desktop I’d have to wait a few months to get it (when a friend can bring it when he moves). If I get a laptop I might be able to get it sooner when family visits and they can bring it as “their” laptop in their carryons.

I do like that a laptop is portable, especially with the wireless card. But a desktop seems like it could do so much more, hold so much more info and I really want to start doing digital scrapbooking so wouldn’t that be better on a desktop? I am also going to start learning HTLM code to do webpages for the kids. I am using Dave’s HTLM which my husband told me about. We are actually going to learn together. He’s good at understanding and translating the computer speak for me and I can come up with the creative backgrounds and colors 🙂

So I looked at Dell, Sony and IBM. And the Apple notebook too. Confusing. I heard that the new Vista operating system has bugs. Dell is the only one that still offers XP on some of it’s models. But they are pricey. I like the Vaio from Sony – it looks sleek and you can even get a marbled pink cover, very cool. Apple’s just look cool and it’d be easy to use my iPod with it. Plus they are good for photos and such. Once I hit the IBM’s I sort of just gave up because I don’t know what type of processor (seems Pentium is no longer in??), memory, ram, gigabyte, LCD, whatever. I know about two things for laptops – screen size of 15 or higher and lightweight. And whatever I get has to support the games for Boo and scrapbooking software.

All I really want a computer to do is this: Internet. Photo and video editing; moving making. Scrapbooking. Occasional word processing.

If you know of one that can do all that (laptop or desktop) let me know. I’m lost in the computer jungle.