Wonderful Wednesday: Tale of the Gummy Bear Gut

It occurs to me, now that I am trying on and packing my things for our trip, I’m getting a gummy bear, buttered popcorn bulge where my flat stomach used to be. (Thanks Haribo and Orville Reddenbacher!) I’ve always been one of the very lucky people who’s been stick thin without any effort. So this change is a bit weird for me to say the least. Maybe it’s my age, after all I did turn the big 3-0 recently. The strange part is I still weigh the exact same as I have for about 8 years now. The proportions are changing.

The Proof:

In April when we went to Florida we did some shopping. I was in need of some new shorts. The old ones still fit fine but the style…well not really something I would like to be wearing as a mom. Shorter and shorter shorts are all the rage and there are some (like my friend S, also a mom and always in 3 in heels – even to the zoo, but she’s beautiful so it looks great on her) that carry the look perfectly. It’s just not me. Off we go to find new shorts. I found shorts at Gap and Banana Republic that were above the knee a few inches and I felt comfortable in them. Both the same size (after all it is the same company). We finally have summer weather (well, it disappeared between Monday when I had the idea for the post and today but…) I tried on my shorts. Holy Batman! They are tight. Since I haven’t worn shorts since our “summer” in May, I didn’t know there would be a problem. They are not painted on, can’t sit down tight or anything but I don’t think they are as loose as when I bought them.

I can only claim fault with my gummy bear and popcorn problem. Since there are no crackers here (ok so TUC and Ritz and…yeah, that’s my point – no crackers) I fall to eating popcorn. And, even if it’s butter flavored microwave popcorn, I put fresh melted butter on it. I can’t help it. I don’t drink soda or juice, I don’t even eat all that much ice cream anymore (again, no variety of American style ice cream, the German kind just doesn’t do it for me) and minimal chocolate as well. I think it’s time to lay off the popcorn.

I can’t wait to pick up Little Miss (19 more days!!) and spend time in the US where I have access to Triscuits and Wheat Thins and good fruit and lots of veggies. (As Heather pointed out in her blog, the fruits and veggies here are very seasonable so you are really limited on choice.)

I think my waistline will thank me for my visit!

*Also: If you are a regular reader at Little Miss’s webpage, it will become a private page starting next Thursday the 17th. Some have already emailed me to continue to read there but if you want to stay a reader please go to her blog and the post with the contact details to become an invited reader.