Home Sweet Home

Finally it’s official.  I can say it.  Out loud.  To more than just my husband.
We are moving!
skyline philly

Will it be Pat’s or Geno’s? Hmmm…

Yippee! Home!  
I should clarify.  The kids and I are moving back to Philly July 3. Notice I said the kids and I? Yeah, that’s not a typo. Hubby will be staying until at the very latest February but hopefully he’ll be with us by December.  He can visit once a month for a week but the rest of the time it’s me and them.  Flashbacks of Domestically Challenged’s posts about the axe murder are flashing through my mind. Hmmm.
The next month (a month!) is going to fly by considering I am also taking a month long class this month (naturally) and it’s the end of school year and we’re going to Berlin and I have to get the house ready for people to come through and…
Ahh, better.  It’s going to be so great even with the sucky part of Hubby not being with us. Costco, Target, a mall, normal people who speak my language, books stores, parking lots with big spaces.  And yes, I’m buying a mini-van (Tiara’s please don’t hate me!).  {If you have an opinion of which mini-vans are the best please leave it in the comments. You can do so anonymously if you don’t want the world to know you’re driving one.}  I am fairly sure I am happy about the mini-van thing {of course Hubby just said Hey look at this new Nissan SUV thing…}.  It’ll be nice to have the stroller and the groceries co-existing in the trunk again.
I could go on and on about the things I am looking forward to.  But there are things I will miss about Germany.
*eating outdoors all the time when we go out
*my car (I really, really like my car)
*being able to see so much of the country
Yeah, I think that’s about it.  Over all this hasn’t been the best three and a half years of my life but it also hasn’t been the worst.  It’s been an adventure and we’ve experienced and seen so many things we would not have had a chance to do otherwise.  For that I am glad.  Happy even. But it’s going to a super freaking happy Fourth Of July this year.  My very own independence day in one of the best places for independence.

It’ll be good to be back home again.  Here’s wishing you a great weekend.