Is it a Honda or a BMW?

OK, as always some of my favorite discussions are about houses and cars. Since we have no idea where we will be moving to in 8 months, the houses are hard to ohh and ahh over. The cars, now that we can do.
We stopped at the Nissan dealership after making our faithful weekend trip to Obi (Home Depot wannabe) because they sell the Frontier that dh was thinking he’d like to get. Yeah, it’s nice, has a second cab thingy for using with kids and all that. But my question was will we really have enough mulch/plants/Home Depot-ish things to really neccesitate a truck? It can’t get good gas mileage for one thing.
My second question. If you could get a fun car instead what would you pick? (within reason because he also happens to love that $100,000 Mercedes) After throwing out some ideas he came up with the Honda Accord coupe. Now, some background about our “Honda-ness” as a couple. When dh and I met we both had Honda’s. He had an Accord coupe in green and I had a Civic coupe in red. We ended up trading my Civic for a Jeep and I took over driving the Accord. Very nice car. I didn’t have leather or a sunroof in my little Civic.
Anyway, back on point! Have you seen the new 2008 Accords?? The 2007’s personally I would not be paid to drive. No style, no fun. I found these pictures after searching Yahoo for the new 2008 Accord Sedan and Coupe. I may be rethinking that Toyota Camry after all. It has some very BMW 5 series looks about it. Just hope the price doesn’t follow BMW as well.
Can you say two car deal? I’ll take the Sedan, dh can get the Coupe!

Other cars getting a nod from dh would be the Toyota Solara (coupe or convertible version), Mini Cooper, 1 Series BMW (not sold yet in the US).
For me I am in a debate of the 08 Accord, Camry, Mazda 5 mini-minivan, or the Honda CRV. We will be taking test drives this summer to get an idea. If price and gas mileage wasn’t a consideration I’d be all over that Volvo XC90 – that thing could run anything over 🙂