Here’s the scoop…

So. I took down the countdown to America ticker and put up the Christmas ticker. Why? Because putting Moving Back to America Jan 2009 seemed like a long time. Yep, we’ve signed on for another year of craziness here in Germany. The job (and the perks) were just too good to pass up. We will be moving house (thankfully someone else will do the actual boxing and moving of furniture – I will be interested to see them bringing our heavy headboard down the small spiral staircase and fit the good American size couch in the tiny 3 person elevator, or conversely carry it down three flights of stairs). I am going to make sure I have my camera handy 🙂

Goodness knows they got it all in here; they’ll have to get it all back out. I am really looking forward to going house shopping, which should be sometime in the next two weeks or so. It’ll be nice to have a proper house with a yard again. Where I can turn out the animals, or er, kids, when they start getting keyed up. Plus not dragging grocery bags and two kids up a flight of stairs to the elevator a few times a week will be great too.

Wednesday morning (before my parents arrive – yikes only three more days to clean the house!) we are heading off to the Peugeot dealer and maybe VW to see what they can do for a one year lease on a car or two. I’ll be sad to see my nice little BMW go, it’s been a good car (to drive anyway). We also have our BMW guy Mr S working on a lease for a Mini Cooper. How completely awesome would that be? I LOVE those cars. I wouldn’t be able to drive it, as it’d likely be a stick-shift, but who cares. The passenger side works pretty nicely too. So we’ll see.

In other news I found my computer. And it ROCKS. I decided to get the iMac desktop with the 20 in glossy display screen. This thing is unreal. We went to Media Markt in Cologne because they basically have an Apple store in the store. And the best part (since this was a worry) the Mac’s purchased in Germany can easily be placed to operate in any language, including English. We asked how we would get the operating system in English and he said it’s no problem, you just change it from German. Even better. Granted, it’s a bit more in Euros with the ridiculous 20% sales tax but I don’t know we’d easily get a desktop from the US. I am so excited. It’s going to be great for photo and video editing and movie making and digital scrapbooking. I just can’t get over the screen size (20 inches!) and the glossy display is really, really nice. It will take time to get used to a Mac system (which by the way, you can also operate Windows on a Mac. You have this Parallel operating system and it works just fine the Apple Guy said.) The “close” tab is in a different place than Windows and the setup is different. I’ve been a PC user all my life so it’ll take some getting used to. We looked at the blog on the screen in the store. It was amazing! The colors and the display and how I could still see all the icons to open different programs if need while having the internet page still up on the screen, that’s pretty cool too. Can you tell I am a bit excited? Hopefully we will be going to get it next week.

Thanks to all those who chimed in and commented or emailed me with Mac info.

Overall, a good day!