Friday Inspiration

Lately I’ve been wondering if the digital age has been a good thing. There are certainly a lot more crappy drivers out there thanks to all the texting while driving (I was on the freeway the other day next to a woman in the passing lane – doing 70+mph by the way- who was looking down, texting with both hands, and driving with her knee. Needless to say I moved over a lane, just to be safe.) But the digital age has also changed the way we take pictures. It’s been good in that the images are crisper, immediately available, and can be edited straightaway (you can fix that overexposure before sending it to Instagram.) It also means that of all the pictures we take, we are less likely to print them.

I have 7,041 pictures just on my phone. On.My.Phone. It is insane, I am insane, I do realize that.


We recently went on vacation to Hawaii (yeesh, already 3 weeks ago…) and we probably took 500 pictures between our DSLR and my pocket camera, not including 3 cell phones. Have we even looked at them yet?


I just learned the Kilauea volcano erupted. I’m so glad that we aren’t there right now. Even though we were staying in Waikoloa, on the opposite side of the island, I can’t imagine how scary that is. I hope everyone stays safe.

We take the pictures and maybe we move them off the camera when the next thing comes around that we want to take pictures of, but we never do anything with the pictures. This has become starkly clear to me as I am trying to procure frames for various items to hang on my living room wall (and I say procure because it feels like I’m buying art from Christies. The cost of framing a 24×36 $20 poster is no joke. It is however distracting me from the recent quotes for renovating our backyard, which are seriously depressing.)

So on this Friday, a little colorful inspiration:

Very bold. But I did once transform an old Ikea coffee table with this exact color.

This certainly would be an awesome dinner party to attend.

This bridge would make me happy dance across. Every.Time.

This would be quite the walk up the stairs at night.

Who wouldn’t want to grab a drink from one of these pretty glasses?

I think now that spring has maybe come to Seattle (though it looks gloomy at present which is not good seeing as I need to add one more coat of paint to the front door….), color is everywhere. And it definitely looks good.

Do you feel drawn to bright colors in the spring? What are some of your favorites?

It’s already August?!  Inspiration for the end of summer

I can’t believe that it is already July 30. Or August 7. Where did the summer go?! I’ve spent what seems like weeks shuttling myself and children to doctors offices (nothing wrong, just getting in everything that we hadn’t done while living in London – orthodontist visits, ENT, dermatologist etc. it seriously never ends). August is on track to be more of the same. Throw in horse camp, a week in Alaska, finishing the renovation, finally moving into our house, and school starting; we are already into September.

Time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

The fun things of summer:

The house is somewhat finished, and while it hasn’t gone quite as smoothly as we wanted, it will be beautiful when it is finished (because I will make sure of it!). Focusing on the positives, or at least trying to, and once we move in (um in two days), our household goods from London will be here, and we will be able to try to get a little bit more organization into our lives. And I will have access to ALL of my books and ALL of my clothes again. Yay!


Alaska. We have only been talking about to Alaska since we first moved to Seattle 5 years ago. The one slight hiccup is we get back from Alaska on Monday and school starts on Wednesday. Both kids will miss their orientations at school, and both schools will be new to them. Not the best timing but when you book a year in advance, things happen.  I’m laughing now because right before we decided to do the cruise, The Husband asked if we should get the travel insurance in case we had to change the date. I said nah…. hindsight, you know?


Still, it’ll be an awesome trip, and we are doing a helicopter tour to a glacier hike, and as much as the thought of voluntarily getting IN a helicopter terrifies me, I’m. Doing. It.



I’m very excited to see something along those lines in person. Plus an entire week with:


…who we all know is my true love. Mickey Mouse & Alaska & a week of someone else doing the cooking and cleaning: PURE BLISS. The Husband and I are looking forward to having a week off from all the craziness that has been going on the last month or so.

In other news, I finally found a barn to ride at (YAY!) and I cannot wait to get my horse on. When I dropped the Chick off at horse camp this morning, I really really wondered if they would notice if I just snuck into a stall for a few hours. (I’m sure they would have.)

And it was also a reminder of just how big horses are – giGanTiC – and how little my girl is…


This will probably be me (since I haven’t ridden in three years…


I did pick up a copy of the US Pony Club Book of Horsemanship so I can refresh the basics like how to hold my reins, pick a hoof, and generally sit a horse (I kid…) I am also considering getting two of these shirts for the Chick and myself.















So that’s the summer in a nutshell. Next week (or after) I’ll probably bore everyone with house pictures. But you can check my Instagram for sneak peeks of where we are at. It’s the home stretch (thank goodness).

What have you been up to this summer? Anything fun?

*all images from Pinterest 

A random collection of inspiration

I couldn’t come up with one theme for an inspiration post (as I have in the past like fashion or forests). There are so many different ways to find inspiration for so many different things.

This sink is off the charts crazy, unpractical, and probably a nightmare to clean. But just look at it. It’s a piece of sculpture. People would flock to the bathroom just to look at it. Imagine how the water flows down each little step in the design?

I love Scandinavian design. And a mid-century modern one? I’ll take it. The colors, the style, the comfort and hygge factor are very high in this little corner. The wallpaper makes a huge impact without making too much of a statement.

I doubt there’s much that’s comfortable about these chairs but I’m sure comfort wasn’t the point of making them. Take the sink from the first picture, and add these chairs to the same house, I’d never, ever leave. Inspiring.

This Great Dane is the gentle giant of the dog world. If he wasn’t bigger than I am, I would be snuggled up against him with my Doxie in my lap watching Netflix. As much as I’d (sorta kinda mostly) love another dog, I can’t see this guy fitting into my life. So adoring him from afar will have to do.

That’s sound advice. I definitely can’t be a ballerina if I continue to let cake be my guiding force of life.

Damn it. Let me eat cake!

(It is a lovely thought in all seriousness, and very true.)

If we want to talk dream home…this would be a top contender for me. Despite the fact that I hate being cold, and have lived in enough snowy places to last a lifetime, this house is just amazing. Again, there’s a sculptural theme running through it, and I bet the bands of light that fall across the rooms are pretty spectacular. It’s likely unpractical, but until I live in it, who can say for sure?

I like this display, the common thread of colors and type of pictures. It’s pleasing to look at, and a good use of a ‘dead space’ in the home. I’d love to do something similar in my staircase. Unfortunately, our staircase is a giant curved wall, so repainting it from repressive brown to something lighter and brighter will just have to suffice.


Is anything inspiring you this Tuesday? Where do you go to find inspiration? To see what else I find inspiring, visit me here.

Inspiration: Forests

I love the woods. I love trees. I love the smell of moss. There’s nothing quite like standing in the middle of a forest and experiencing that deep woodsy scent. It’s all earth, and dirt, and wet, and a bit of mold. But there is also pine and sap and an almost sweet quality to the air. I love buying rosemary because the scent is like a pine tree: rich with a hint of an almost lemon quality.

It makes sense that I love forests and trees since I grew up in the Evergreen State of Washington. Trees have been familiar to me from the very beginning of my existence. My family went camping and boating all summer, and skiing all winter. My sister and I lived outdoors as much as possible. Our backyard as children contained pine trees, and when the needles would fall I would make a bed for our dog or seats for my dolls. I’ve lived around forests (of one kind or another, in many places) and they truly do make me happy.

There are a lot of poems about forests, and soul searching, the most famous of course, written by Robert Frost. We all know the line ‘two roads diverged in a wood and I/ I took the one less traveled by/ and that has made all the difference’ but the poem in it’s entirety is incredibly beautiful.

 Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

There’s lots of meaning in there, deep and light, soul searching and surface. To chop it up into just the little snippet that is so frequently used is to do injustice to Robert Frost’s brilliance.

There is something magical about forests and trees, something peaceful but also something very dark. Secrets surely exist and are buried in the forest, contemplation and thoughts of all kinds have been left to trees by people needing a bit of comfort or advice.

Thoreau was on to something there I think. Spending time alone, like the trees are alone in the forest, can also make a person happy. Hiking in solace, and quiet, where your mind can think and breathe and be. You sometimes come across the light.

The light is warmth and kindness and acceptance, daring as it were to infiltrate the dark and moody trees. The landscape changed by the little rays of sun, a talisman in the dark.

The forest comes alive, and maybe we were never alone to begin with. Maybe the trees were talking to us all along. They were there, just waiting, and listening.

What inspires you today? What do you have to say to the trees?

Pinterest Fun

I admit, I’m a Pinterest junkie. I can pin all day long (actually making anything other than the occasional recipe…). When I’m not obsessing over the never ending kitchen debate, I like finding funny things to pin. Here are some of my favorites:

I frequently tell my husband this:

If you’ve ever walked past my house, you’ll get where I’m coming from:

Because Sherlock, duh.

And the classic that always says what it means to be a writer:

Have a happy Sunday. Go forth and Pin!

Monday Mojo: Inspiration

Good ole Monday. No matter how hard we try, she just keeps popping around every week. And it’s always manic {cue Manic Monday}. Today’s Monday is no exception:

  • alarm check
  • landlord suddenly decides at 7 am to attend alarm check appointment (and see to leaking skylight)
  • cue total freak out and cleaning marathon {I even shined up the windows}
  • freak out Ocado delivery man because you are holding a barking dog while answering the door, because you thought it was the dog people, which leads to…
  • dog pick-up to spend the day at daycare; she’s neurotic enough without listening to an alarm going off for 20 minutes
  • skip to Oxford Circus to make a return before non-returnable deadline
  • make it home in time to grab children from school bus and find time buy dinner, and finally mail things at the post

Ah, Monday’s. So since it’s Monday, I thought let’s share some of the lovely things I pinned over the weekend. The redesign kitchen/living room theme is still strong in my mind, and I found some beautiful wallpapers. The Husband and I have discussed making one wall of the downstairs 3/4 guest bathroom a feature wall with a dramatic wallpaper. Oddly enough, we mostly like the same thing, which is great.

My first pick:


Beautiful. I’m not 100% on using it in the bathroom because I think it’d look wonderful in our bedroom as an anchor behind the bed. But I doubt the Husband would be fine with that. One that would look dramatic for the bedroom would be this blue number:

It would also look awesome in the office. We’ve decided to change the downstair bedroom back into the guest room but with a murphy bed set-up (since the 3/4 bathroom is right there on the main floor) and make the extra upstairs bedroom into his office/my art room. The wallpaper above would certainly inspire me to be creative. And it’s blue, so it’s win-win.

These two are super fun:

They are both dramatic and would work best in a full large wall. The dining room room would be perfect for this {it might even make it okay that we most likely can’t take down the kitchen/dining room wall and I won’t get my eat-in-kitchen}.

The wallpapers these days are sort of mind blowing. I remember the options when I was a kid and I wanted to redo my bedroom. It was Little House on the Prairie stripes and pink roses. Wallpaper has come a long way.

I couldn’t see this working in my house, but it’s impact is enormous {and fabulous!}:

Wow, right? Of course I did find these posters hilarious, and they would work well in the office or even the living room:

Definitely a good one for the office. I actually think the husband’s work office would look good with something like that.

What is making you feel inspired on this Monday?

A Monday Wishlist

I can’t believe my kids go back to school in one week. In one week it’ll be me and the dog, hanging about! {well, technically, I won’t be home as I have a ticket to visit Clarence House for next Monday}. Time does indeed fly by.

This post is about the wishlist, the items I’d love to have added to my life. The first one I’ve searched for for well over a year, trying to find it second hand. I might just have to pay up for one. The Tweed Blazer:

I seem to only love it in a multi-colorway. The ones that are all one solid color like blue or green, just don’t seem to give me that -heck ya! – feeling. I am a preppy gal, and I’m not afraid to admit it. tweed blazer + trousers + penny loafers = my ideal fall outfit

So the next item is no surprise (though it’s surprising that I don’t actually own pair of loafers)

Totally in love. The.End. {I also love these, and these. And these.}

I find myself swaying towards the cliche ‘it’ bag – the saddle bag {though I suppose that was a spring/summer fad fad last fall. I tend to be behind when something is super trendy because I usually don’t like it until I’ve seen it ten thousand times.)

For obvious reasons – like 485 of them – I’m not buying a Chloe bag anytime soon; or even anytime far away.  This bag would not hold an umbrella – a prerequisite to living in London – and I doubt it would fit my wallet, and the other myriad of items I carry. But it is very nice. {similar & more affordable options here, here, and here.)

This next item is maybe a bit weird, but if I could find a place to store it until next year, I’d love this rug for my dining area:

Actually, the whole room. All of it. Please and thank you. {I actually do have two chairs in a similar color to the dining chairs that I thrifted awhile back.}

I’d also like to get rid of the sectional couch we bought a few years ago {which has not held up despite the price and ‘quality’ of the brand}. This one is rather ingenious and simple.


I’m also dreaming of going back here; swimming in the lagoon with the turtles, kayaking, listening to the waves…pure bliss.



Are you coveting anything beautiful for the coming season? Dreaming of any magical destinations?



Inspiration Thursday

It’s already Thursday evening, and what I’d really like to post would have a lot of inspiration in here:

I was reduced to clock stalking last night until finally somewhere in the 4 am hour I nodded off to snap awake at 6:30 thanks to my dog. Instead of mainlining coffee, I thought since I’m staying upright while waiting for dinner to be delivered {because lets be honest, I’m not going near a stove tonight}, I might as well post a little inspiration.

I love both of the spaces above. The top master bedroom picture is definitely the ideal room at the vacation house in the mountains next to a lake; in other words Dreamy. I love the creative use of space in the under stairs bookcase/reading nook/nap area. I could easily spend hours there.

I’m also seriously taken, not only with the color of theses walls {Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments} but with the entire staircase/foyer. I’ve filed it under “That Beach House I’ll Build Someday”.


Drift Road
Just more of that please, and thank you. I have an entire board of All Things Beachy. Which is where these next pictures come from.

These are the colors I’d love in my house. I have a milder version of the blue and the green already between the dining room and the family room. But if we turn the kitchen refresh into a kitchen total overhaul, I’m thinking a scheme that leads in this direction would be perfect.


This staircase of blues would be a fun addition to a beach house. It’s festive and mimics my favorite source of inspiration; the ocean.

Florida Beach Cottage


This room is definitely worthy of snuggling down in after day in the sun and surf. It says, brush your sandy feet at the door, but all are welcome. The room below definitely has a conversation starter going in the boat light fixture. Kind of amazing but I’d hate to be the one trying to figure out how to fix it to stay up there.

That’s all the beach I can handle without saying goodbye to my kids and fleeing to Tahiti with nothing but a swimsuit and some sunblock. But there is always one rule you should follow {Husband, are you reading?!}:

Inspiration: Holiday

We are going on holiday. Yes. hOliDAy. I can’t wait. Less than 18 hours and we will be on the {not fun} ten hour journey to Seattle.

{insert happy dance}

And we will spend five days on the lake. That means beach vacation.

{insert extra big happy dance plus kayaks}

So today’s inspiration post is all about the h o l i d a y .


And the things we might wear on holiday.


And the joy that comes from ten days of rest and relaxation.


Happy Holiday everyone.

Photo credits on my Pinterest board

Inspired by others

Yesterday’s inspiration post probably should have been labeled with caution: {angry eyes} I realized I could be angry about something that I can’t change, or I can move on and hopefully find a solution. We are working on a resolution which will hopefully end with water dipped toes and kayaks.

I read this post on Seasons + Salt, which led me to these posts on TruncationBlog. On TruncationBlog, the author has made the decision not to buy anything for a year (beyond basic items like food, etc.) It really made me think whether I could even go a month without buying something I don’t actually need. I’ve been incredibly bad at this in the last two months; see a book, buy a book. See a shirt, buy a shirt. It gives me pause. Just because I can buy something, doesn’t mean I should. I should be working a lot harder to keep to a ‘capsule wardrobe’ mindset like I had last fall. I’d like to see if I could set a one-month goal and stick to it. {and it would mean not just clothing, but books, my biggest spend item} Maybe that’s an upcoming challenge for August.

One set of bloggers I’ve found inspiration from for over a year, are Nikki and Jason Wynn of Gone With The Wynns. They sold everything over 5 years ago and moved into an rv full time. They recently traded the rv life for life on a catamaran. I wish we were in a place to be able to live a similar life. They aren’t independently wealthy (as some people assume), but their past careers in photography and as a makeup artist have given them the freedom to be untethered and create a work/life balance they love. If you want to learn about living with less, just think about everything you own having to fit in a 40 ft sailboat. That’s a pretty decent way to go minimalist!

I’ve been revisiting a book I bought last year, The Sea by Phillip Plisson. I bought this book used for around $2 (and it weighs a ton). The pictures in the book are truly magnificent. The photographer captures the beauty, and sometimes the fury, of the open sea. As I’ve mentioned a dozen times, the water is my happy place. Even though I’ve only been sailing twice, and I have a rather abysmal track record for seasickness on the open ocean, though  am perfectly fine on a lake {I got nausea on the Cape May Ferry crossing…and we won’t even mention those boat rides in Hawaii}, I would love to spend some more time on a sailboat on a lake. It has a kind of magic all it’s own.

Those are the things that are inspiring me today. What inspires you, and why?

*images from Pinterest, click here for links —-> ImageCredits