Weekend sampler

A Sample of the 297 pictures taken this weekend ūüôā

Some highlights from the weekend at Keukenhof and the beach

Good News Around the Globe

Well. ¬†After my post of depressing stuff last week – I’ve got mondo awesome news to share this week! ¬†First off, Little Lucy gets to meet her momma tomorrow. ¬†Unfortunately it’s just a visit and she isn’t going home yet but still a blessing. ¬†And second! ¬†One of Chickadee’s little buddies from CY is going to be a big sister TIMES TWO! ¬†Yes, they are now expecting twins. ¬†I was so excited for them I couldn’t even read the entire post before I commented. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Congrats Kristin and Todd and little L too! ¬†God is awesome huh?

In other news in our house, we have a couch! ¬†I know it’s not on par with having a baby, but since that isn’t a choice for us, a couch it is. ¬†And woah! ¬†It’s a lot bigger than I remember it when we picked it out 7 weeks ago. ¬†But comfy all the same. ¬†I managed to fall asleep on it last night watching tv.¬†

The kids chilling on the new couch
We went to the Ahr Valley on Sunday and went walking among the vineyards. ¬†It was so beautiful I think it was about 70 degrees? ¬†Wonderful day to get out and do some walking. ¬†After our walk we let the kids have a snack. ¬†And what better place than the back of the trunk right? ¬†ūüôā ¬†That’s Boo eating a jello out of the boot of Lucy.

I took this pic and was fairly amazed Boo let me since he hates having his picture taken these days. ¬†Of course he had to take mine in return. ¬†We let him use the small camera and he takes pretty good pictures for a six year old! ¬†We are going to the Keukenhof this weekend (my mom’s day gift – yeah!) and I think we will let him take some pics and see what he comes up with. ¬†I’ll do a whole feature I think Pictures by Boo.

And my pic of the family.  I am really getting into photography and hopefully by Christmas I can save up enough money to get a really great dslr.