Cars. Tell me what you know about these…

We’ve been on the look-out the past week for a nice, fun, reliable used car. Something sporty (and probably not practical but who cares!) but I don’t know much about used cars since we’ve never really bought one. And I definitely don’t know anything about the ones we are looking at except they look good. So I turn to you bloggers for advice. Please let me know what you know about these pretty little cars. These are the top contenders because the prices are so much better used here than in the US (with the exception being the Mini, it’s the same) so might as well get something here while it’s affordable 🙂

Car #1 03 BMW 320ci Cabrio, dealership also has an 04. Both automatic.

Car #2 04 Mercedes CLK320 Cabrio. I’ve read some stuff on reliability. Let me know if that’s true.

Car #3 Mini Cooper, various model years

Give me the Good Bad and Ugly. The last thing I need is another Lemon! I am editing my post to add one rarely known fact about me: I absolutely, positively ADORE car shopping. And I’m a girl, go figure!