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This post originally should have ‘aired’ two weeks ago. But due to this, that and the other I moved it so many times I can no longer remember the point. I’m busy playing hostess (and getting the trim on the house painted) so enjoy it anyway.


October 5, 2009 Merry Christmas! Love, Kohls


Old news but…Did anyone watch Flash Forward Thursday before Grey‘s? I have to say I never liked Lost but this new show…I really could see myself getting into it. I did miss the first 10-20 minutes putting the kids to bed (and we don’t have a dvr, wahh!). I love it though.

What shows new or old are you getting into this season? I’m sticking with House, Grey’s Anatomy and my absolute favorite Numb3rs.

LAMB Signature Small Shopper. Yes, please.

To prove that I’m not really that wimpy here is my neighborhood.

And this is the reason we often drive to the bus stop, especially in the morning.


If you were to look down from the mailboxes (just before the last turn to the bus stop) you look at the tops of the roofs on my street. The entire area where we live is all hills.

But there’s good news. wii Fit will be hiding under my Christmas tree this year. Maybe it’ll help me get my tush up that hill on a more frequent basis.

So I was hanging out over at CaJoh’s virtual place on Friday and he was talking about pumpkins. I mentioned Punkin Chunkin (see side bar for link to details) and he said if I went I should write it up for his Friday’s Feast meme. So…

It’s Punkin Chunkin in slower, lower Delaware. What is more fun than that?? Anyone in the MD, DE, PA, NJ area want to do a road trip Nov 7 with the BMA Crew to see some pumpkins being launched out of cannons in Southern Delaware? Be sure to email me if you do: bloggingmamaandrea @ {no spaces} It’ll be a Redneck good time.

Last week I was sitting watching tv in our sunroom. It’s a sunroom so it’s got a lot of windows, across one wall and a slider and above the slider one of those big arched windows that look really nice but are impossible to put curtains on. A gigantic bird flew into the arch window and it cracked. I’m thinking Crazy Landlady may not be quite so crazy afterall when she said this house was one thing after another.

I saw three people in the past two days making left turns out of different parking lots (at lights) and turn down the wrong side of the divided highway. I mean how hard is NOT to see the gigantic concrete barrier telling you which side to drive on?

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Launch Party!

Today’s the day of the launch of The Motherhood Muse blog. This ezine and it’s blog was started by Kim Zook at Zook Book Nook, a mother of two and a wonderful writer. The best way to learn about the site and what it stands for is to hear it Kim’s own words.

The Motherhood Muse Story

Kimberly Zook is the founder of The Motherhood Muse. Upon the birth of her second daughter she recognized a growing distance between herself and nature. Determined to send the message to her daughters that having a relationship with nature is critical to the human body, mind, and spirit, Kimberly created The Motherhood Muse. This organization is a blending of Kimberly’s passion for literature on motherhood and on nature.

What is The Motherhood Muse?

The Motherhood Muse is a community for mothers and writers. We are writer-mamas wishing to connect with each other as we journey through motherhood with a desire to draw nature into our lives.

What does this community do?

The Motherhood Muse has four main functions:

The literary magazine (an e-Zine) features literature on motherhood, nature, and children. From literary essays to short stories to poetry, the e-Zine reaches across the globe to explore a mother’s relationship with nature. The e-Zine also includes columns by mothers and unique, intriguing features that will inspire you in many ways. The e-Zine is published four times a year online.

The e-Newsletter offers more for our readers. Eight times a year our free newsletter is sent out to subscribers. It includes blog highlights, writing contest information, features about the readers themselves, web-only deals, and more. By signing up for the e-Newsletter on our website by January 1, 2010 subscribers will receive the first issue of The Motherhood Muse e-Zine free!

The website is the central resource for mothers and writers. We host two writing contests (one for adults and one for children) and accept writing pieces for submission. In addition, we also have a fantastic bookstore with books for writers, mothers, and children. Our boutique features items with The Motherhood Muse logo such as journals, note cards, and more.

The blog is a continually updated resource for mothers and writers. Writers and mothers come here to share personal stories about motherhood, nature, children and writing. Our blog also hosts interviews with authors (and book giveaways), tips on writing, activities to do with children in nature, and more. Our blog is open to submissions from anyone!

Why did you create The Motherhood Muse?

In a nutshell I created The Motherhood Muse for mothers and writers like me, who struggle to connect with nature every day and find nature to be absent in their children’s lives. I needed a voice to help myself and others discover nature through our bodies, minds, and souls. I wanted to set a good example for my children by having a close relationship with the environment around me. The Motherhood Muse is that voice. It is a body of literature uniting writers and mothers with nature.

Sources to check out:

As I’ve mentioned I’ll be writing a column for the ezine called Life In My Backyard and I’ll also be contributing to the blog. Please help spread the word about The Motherhood Muse and join in the celebration of Motherhood and Nature by visiting today.

Of all the ridiculous things…

I wasn’t going to post today, in fact I was looking forward to being silent. But I couldn’t. While
watching Grey’s Anatomy last night a commercial for Rice Crispies came on. Did you know that it now has antioxidants for your child?

Ummm, yeah please load up the food I give to my kids with stuff. I thought those kinds of things used to be up to me to make sure my kids ate right.

I don’t really understand why so many products these days have extra this and that. Like Fruit Loops selling the 3 grams of fiber angle!! Makes for healthier tummys so they can absorb nutrients.

Are these new things or were they always there? I think this healthy-organic-lets-add-crap-to-the-food is kind of getting out of control.

I’ve talked about the vibrating mascara wand before but now there’s something even better. You can put some liquid prescription on your eyelashes to make them grow. Seriously.

Really these are the things medicine is concentrating on instead of I don’t know, CURING CANCER? (By the way it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month so be sure to Be Aware and get checked)

I wish the food people would stop adding stuff to our food and the drug people would stop shoving “buy this pill!” down our throats. I miss simpler tv days where every other commercial wasn’t about drugs.

What ever happened to the simple days? What bugs you about tv commercials? What’s the most ridiculous product you can think of?

Have you heard the news? A new ezine is coming featuring Life In My Backyard a column by yours truly! It’s called The Motherhood Muse combining Motherhood and Nature. The first issue hits the internet January 2010 and The Mother Muse Blog launches October 5th. I hope to see you there!