Monday’s Muse with Cinnamon and Honey

Even though Monday is half over and I’m half asleep I thought I would throw up something for todays event that’s been inspiring me with my writing. Don’t know what Monday’s Muse is? Visit the link below and see Robin at Cinnnamon and Honey for the details!


When I write I have to have music and often times I’ll make up a playlist to go with the theme of my books to keep me in the mood of my characters. I’ll change the playlist around or add and subtract songs as needed to keep my inspiration. I find it really lets me dig into a character by matching the mood to a song.

And what better singer songwriter to listen to for a heart rendering themed piece than Colbie Caillat. I first heard her singing with Jason Mraz over at Ruby Red Slippers blog. I was instantly hooked on the sound of her voice and the lyrics of the song. They may be syrupy for some but I really took to the lightness.

One of my favorites is Bubbly from her Coco album. I also like Fine Wire about balancing during a difficult time. You can listen to her songs on her website and purchase them for yourself as well – Colbie Caillat.

However it’s a song from her new album that’s inspired today’s participation in Monday’s Muse. The songs I Won’t and Rainbow really have helped me be a part of my characters angst (cause what’s a love story without angst?).

You Got Me also has a fun sound. Okay I love the whole album! Just check it out. You should also check out who else is playing Monday’s Muse, just click the Guitar above and be transported to Cinnamon and Honey!

What does music mean for you? Does it inspire you to do things?

Monday’s Muse with Cinnamon and Honey


It’s time for Monday’s Muse with Robin over at Cinnamon and Honey. This is a great weekly event where Robin encourages us to talk about something that’s inspiring us whether it’s music, a book, poetry or just something that got us thinking.

Here is what has been inspiring me this week. Does anyone remember the book The Little Engine That Could? If you have kids there’s a good chance you have the updated new fancy version of this book. But during our recent move I came across my original copy. The one that was mine as a child.


Look at the slightly battered edges of the book. It was well loved and that makes it all the more special to me. On the inside the copyright page is in Roman Numerals. Would anyone care to translate the year for me?


For some reason the next picture was always my favorite page of the book. If it was the smiling faces on the fruit or the milk bottles or just the description of the treats I loved it whenever we would reach this page.


This book teaches kids (and even adults) to never give up. Always believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything. I think that’s a rather fitting thing to have these days.

Do you have an “I think I can” attitude? What is one treasure from your childhood that you have in your house? What treasures from your childhood have you shared with your children?

For more Monday’s Muse please visit Robin at Cinnamon and Honey.