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Christina’s World – Image from Wikipedia
I was saddened to read about this yesterday.  Andrew Wyeth died this week at 91.  
I loved his painting called Christina’s World.  I always wondered what she was looking at.  We had many discussions of this painting in my college Ideas and Images class.  I love Ground Hog Day.  I don’t know what it is about this painting but the detail of the wallpaper in the
 background or the colors, I just like it.
Image below from allposters.de

Ground Hog Day
A great book that my kids got for Christmas was from my parents.  It is based in the town where my parents live and basically where I spent my summers as a kid.  It’s a super cute book and the city actually has statues of the characters placed on the same trail as Mudgy and Millie take in the book.  Mudgy is a moose and Millie is a mouse.  Check it out below for more info but it’s a great book.

I am looking for some help with a research project for a book.  I’d like to ask questions of any bloggers who might read here who live in either Nashville or Atlanta (and I do know some of you do, Kat and Tisra!)  It’s basic stuff but if you want to participate please click the Contact Me button and send me an email.  I’ll be sure to mention your help if I hit the NYT Bestseller list, alright??
I’ve noticed a lot new readers have popped over from here and there and I so appreciate you stopping by.  I will be doing random blog checks in the next few days to check out all my new commenters.  Thanks for coming out of lurking to say hi!
Back to the grind.  We’ve discovered that we can watch Leno about a week behind so tonight’s show Daniel Craig stopped by.  Oh yummy on a James Bond stick.