Can I bend your ear?

I said I wasn’t blogging – and for the most part the reading isn’t happening – but I have a situation I need help with.  The area we moved to used to be big DHL a few years back.  But they pulled up and moved to Wilmington, Ohio.  A lot of people here lost their jobs because of that.  Then last year they closed up shop in Wilmington and moved back to N Kentucky (hence why we are here now).  So here’s how things have gone so far…

Friday I was leaving the house to go to the store and I met one of the neighbors walking her dog.  We did the “where are you from? – how many kids? – was it a work transfer?”.  I answered “Philly, 2 and yes, DHL.”  Small pause, then –

“A lot of our friends lost their jobs when DHL moved to Wilmington.  Why did they move back?”

Do I look like I know the answer to that question?  I don’t know, I don’t work there.  We didn’t even live in the US when all this went on.  I sidestepped the whole conversation and went about my day.

Yesterday we had to have an electrician come because the kitchen outlets kept tripping and not working.  During that 30 minute visit of course “Where do you work?” is asked.  It was a bit tense as the whole “a lot of people lost their jobs” comes up.

I want to know how on earth to tactfully handle that question.  It’s not my fault, nor my husbands fault the company he works for moved to Ohio and then came back again.  I didn’t fire anyone.  Granted CP probably saw the people’s file come across his desk in Germany since HR is his job and he did have to be involved in all that…but he didn’t make the fire or hire decision.  I just don’t know how to answer people who bring it up. 

I have a feeling, being such a small town (where we got a lot of looks just going out to dinner at the place around the corner because obviously we are the new Big City people in town) everyone already knows who we are.  And where CP works.  I’m worried we’ll be the unpopular family on the block because of it.

What should I say when someone brings up the fact that indirectly CP is to blame for loads of people losing their jobs?  Is there even a nice way to respond to that?  HELP!