Happy New Year!

Wow, Germans are nuts with the fireworks.  In the US, where we lived and where I grew up fireworks were illegal to have as a private person.  Typically the New Year was rung in by people standing on their porches with a pan and a spoon and two or three good minutes of banging the pot, screaming Happy New Year to the neighbors (the ones you only talk to on this day) and going back inside to bed.  But here, well, it’s a bit different. 

These videos were taking last night between midnight and 12:45.  These are people in the street behind our apartment and in the courtyard in front of us.  Literally in the apartment driveway.  The videos were taken from the fourth floor out our window.  Call me crazy but I think we are all lucky nothing caught fire.  Thanks neighbors for the good show and the fact my two kids slept through the whole thing!