Monday’s Muse: New York City

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another edition of Monday’s Muse. Want to learn about Monday’s Muse? Then go see Robin over at Cinnamon and Honey to see what else is inspiring people today.


For me this week’s muse was an easy one. Three of my favorite words:

New York City

I Love New York City. I know, a lot of people think they love NYC but I LOVE NYC. I would live there if I could. I wouldn’t even care about having no space or about roaches (well okay so that last one is a lie but I could probably deal with it.)


There is something about New York that I find electric. The city pulses or something and it gets under my skin and I become this dopey, happy, wanna-be New Yorker whenever I go. So yesterday’s trip to NYC left me feeling just like that.


We originally went into the city to take my parents to see the 9/11 Museum. For whatever reason we could not find it. We found the Preview Site but not the museum. It was disappointing because I really wanted to go there but we went to the site of the former World Trade Center and that in it’s self was humbling.


Even though they have the view of the site itself covered you can see into parts and see the construction taking place. Thinking about what I was doing when it happened (working) and were I was at in life (pregnant with Thor) what I saw on tv then made it so real when I was standing right in the same spot that changed American history forever. If you ever get the chance to go I think it’s worth it.

New York is New York. We saw the Naked Cowboy (I declined to have my picture taken with him though). Does anyone know why he is famous? I haven’t quite figured that one out.


We saw the M&M’s store, Toys R’Us and Times Square. We drove past Cipriani’s and Grand Central Station. We kept the Empire State Building in our sights most of the day (it made it easy to remember where the car was). We drove through the Lincoln Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel. The Statue of Liberty waved to us as we headed down the NJ Turnpike towards home.

It was one of my favorite days because I was in New York. New York inspires me. There is something about the variety of people you find there, their toughness and strength and that makes me wish I could claim to be one of them.
I can’t explain exactly what it is that I feel when I am there but it is something. Something good. Something awesome. Something…

New York

Where do you go to find that “I can’t explain it” feeling? What’s your muse this week?
For more muses head over to Cinnamon and Honey. She gets my I Love NYC feeling. That may be just one reason why I like Robin so much.
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