Random Tuesday Thoughts: Death of an Oreo

Wahoo! It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts! with Keely at the Un-Mom.  It’s one of my favorite days to spew random stuff and have it actually count as being sensible.  Please join me in the craziness and then head over and visit Keely and the other random players.
I used to follow this great blogger at A Nut in a Nutshell.  But she hadn’t posted in two weeks (and she used to post several times a day sometimes) and I figured she was on vacation.  When I went to her blog to see what was up it was gone!  Nicht gut.  Anyone know what happened to her? If so please leave me a comment or email me.

I posted this yesterday but it needs to be reiterated: Grocery stores are evil.  At the end cap of the frozen foods section the other day I found these:


And you seriously expect me not to buy them?  After the yelling from HASAY last week you dangle these babies in front of me?  Don’t worry I wasn’t stupid.  I bought them and ate them (not all on my own though…) {ahem, umm, I may have bought some more yesterday when I was at the store but I think I am going to blame it on the Chick, yeah, that’s it}

Do you ever leave a comment somewhere that you then want to go back and see if the person answered your question with a comment of their own.  But you can’t remember where you left the comment??  Crap, it’s just me then huh?  Dang it.  Whoever I told the hookers story to leave me a comment okay? 
*Due to high demand the hooker story will be appearing tomorrow.

Why is it that even though I have a pounding headache I still sit in front of the computer?  And when it finally goes away I immediately sit down in front of it again so it comes back?  What is wrong with me?  (That’s a purely rhetorical question, thanks.)

Why does my handwriting go to chicken scratch when I need it to be nice for a note or card and when I am just writing in a notebook for me it’s all loopy and neat and pretty? I mean really. People must wonder which kid I let write my letters for me.

I am a dork.  I got so excited when I came across embroidery thread (or floss? I don’t know which it is) the other day at Knauber.  You know the stuff you used to make friendship bracelets with back when you were about 12?  You know, the ones you made at summer camp?  You follow?  I bought four colors of thread.  It all started when my son made me a lanyard in cub scouts for mothers day which I also used to make at summer camp!  Ahh, memories.  So, who wants the next bracelet?  Anyone? {this is what happens when you no longer have tv}

My mom started radiation yesterday for breast cancer and she was kind of bothered that she would have to get a permanent tattoo where they mark you for the treatment.  I told her when the treatment was all done I’d take her to get a real tattoo to cover it up.  We could get matching ones. Surprisingly she didn’t think I was all that funny.  

How do you cut your sandwich?  Rectangles or trianlges?  Do you cut toast the same way or different?  Do you like the crust? 

Chick’s turning three on Thursday. (someone else is NOT turning three next week)  Where did the time go?  She will be getting The Bike, lots of her favorite Tinkerbell stuff, a pop-up tent and her first Barbie.  Look for pictures on Friday.  I’m also in charge of baking the cake.  Wish me luck.

Calling all photographers!  How do I get a picture to 300 dpi?  Is it a camera setting?  Mine are all coming out 180 and I need a 300 for printing.  Many thanks!

Anyone else have a rogue Blackberry? Am I not paying for this thing to work correctly?  Did I not get it so that it would keep an accurate calendar?  Then why won’t it delete the appointments I cancelled two weeks ago?  They keep showing up on the main screen eclipsing the appointments I’ve added since.  Really what’s the point?  Sometimes I have no idea why I love technology.

That’s all the random fit for this edition.  Be sure to go to Keely’s and say hi and post your own random thoughts.  (And I apologize in advance for the Oreo picture.  If I have to suffer with looking at them, so do you.)
And I just noticed I forget to link to Ms HASAY creator yesterday.  I’m sorry!  So Casey here you go VISIT CASEY MS HASAY!!