School’s out for summer!

Well, schools out for five weeks anyway.  It’ll be back to the grind August 20 for Boo.  He was given a school mug because he is leaving (amazing what 10,000€ a year buys huh?) and his class all signed a t-shirt for him.  He is excited to wear it today.  I just hope if I wash it the names don’t come off!  * I should add here that we don’t pay the tuition, Hubby’s company does as part of our living here   I learned over the weekend at the bbq about an english speaking Montessori another family uses.  It is right down the street from Boo’s new school too.  I am going to find out more info because even two mornings a week for Chickadee would make a nice change.  I think she is really missing interacting more with other kids.  It also might help her language (her first speech session is this afternoon).  This morning (after Boo wakes up 🙂 we plan to head to Knauber to buy some little garden supplies.  I love the UnPlug Your Kids site!  I am directly copying what they have done thus far until I can get the hang of coming up with something of my own.  This past weeks theme was Garden.  We did plant sunflower seeds and I think today I saw two little green shoots peeking up through the soil.  But Boo was really excited to do the little garden so we are going to do that too.  My roses the boys bought me are flourishing as well, all but one bud has completely opened now (even though the picture shows them closed).

We had some lovely storms last night.  Even knocked out power for a split second (turning off the computer) but since what we wanted to watch on tv was a dvd it was no problem.  We finished off our Star Wars movies last night (Boo and I anyway) watching Episode III.  I wasn’t sure about the first two episodes in the ‘new’ series having grown up loving the classic ones.  But I found once you get past the Jar Jar guy and watch them more than once it’s not so bad.  Plus Boo loves them.  The last one Return of the Sith was really good and explained the reason Anakin becomes Darth Vader.  Which was cool.  For movies like these (fantasy) Star Wars and Harry Potter are about the only ones I like.  And that Boo loves SW is really cool.  He said of last nights movie ‘That was a really great movie!’
Since this is kind of a random post I’ll add the list for the Photo Word Challenge (which is also located in the sidebar).  The way it works again is that you take a photo of something that to you represents each word listed.  I will be sharing my pictures around July 19th (before I leave for vacation).  The words are:
  1. Free
  2. Modern
  3. Guilty
  4. Crowded
  5. Words
  6. Relax
  7. Cold
  8. Little Things
  9. Time
  10. Men at Work

I hope you will play along!  For last months challenge results see this post.

I am back to add something really fun I’ve kept quite about for a bit.  Some great people (I can’t mention their names 🙂 as it’s a surprise trip for their family as well) will be cruising with us in Feb.  The wonderful part is we have never met but they met Chick when she was at Chung Yi (where their sweet daughter is from as well).  So the former Chung Yi playmate will be not only on the same cruise as us BUT also sleeping on the same deck as well.  And it’s totally random chance.  I mentioned our trip and this other mom said hey!  US TOO!  Can you even begin to see how awesome this is?  Two families living in separate countries united by these two tiny girls.  It’s just awesome.

Photo Challenge June – Results

Here are the results of the photo challenge:

1. Ahhh

2. Accessory

3. Did you see THAT?

4. Priorities (when you have cake mix, make cake)

5. Historic (built from 1302-1329 Linz, Germany)

Upcoming Challenge

I received a challenge from my sister the other day.  A fun one.  Through a scrapbookers site she reads they had a photography challenge.  Since she got the same camera as I did recently (Nikon D40) we’ve decided to each put the challenge results on our respective blogs (hers is private though sorry!)  I’d like to invite all of you to work on the same challenge with us.

Here is what you need to do.  Below I will list five words and your job is to take a picture of what each word represents to you.  Then just post the results on your blog.  Please leave a comment if you are going to do the challenge so I can see what you came up with!  I will post my pictures the week of June 23rd.  Please pass this on to those you think might be interested, it would be neat to see how many interpretations of the words we can get!
Photo Words Challenge for June:
  1. Ahhh
  2. Accessory
  3. Did you see THAT?
  4. Priorities
  5. Historic

 So happy snapping everyone.

I will also be posting a review for my June book pick as well in the coming days, The House at Riverton by Kate Morton .