Not much to say

It’s a slow day (blog wise) around here so you’ll just have to make do with these pictures. But tomorrow I’m reviewing the pre-teen book Alienated and I’m going to be giving away ten copies so be sure to stop back!

Paging Dr. Chick, Dr. Chick, you’re wanted in emergency.

Faster Mommy! Go faster, my Cinderella shoes are falling off!

Are you feeling inspired about anything today?

Scenic Scenery Sunday

I got some great pictures while I was visiting in Idaho last week and I wanted to share them. They are of Couer D’Alene Lake and the surrounding area.  Basically where I laughed and swam and grew up in the summers.  
These two additional photos are from the plane from Spokane to Seattle so there is a bit of discoloration or reflection across the pictures but I think they are still beautiful.


Weekend sampler

A Sample of the 297 pictures taken this weekend 🙂

Some highlights from the weekend at Keukenhof and the beach

Good News Around the Globe

Well.  After my post of depressing stuff last week – I’ve got mondo awesome news to share this week!  First off, Little Lucy gets to meet her momma tomorrow.  Unfortunately it’s just a visit and she isn’t going home yet but still a blessing.  And second!  One of Chickadee’s little buddies from CY is going to be a big sister TIMES TWO!  Yes, they are now expecting twins.  I was so excited for them I couldn’t even read the entire post before I commented.  🙂  Congrats Kristin and Todd and little L too!  God is awesome huh?

In other news in our house, we have a couch!  I know it’s not on par with having a baby, but since that isn’t a choice for us, a couch it is.  And woah!  It’s a lot bigger than I remember it when we picked it out 7 weeks ago.  But comfy all the same.  I managed to fall asleep on it last night watching tv. 

The kids chilling on the new couch
We went to the Ahr Valley on Sunday and went walking among the vineyards.  It was so beautiful I think it was about 70 degrees?  Wonderful day to get out and do some walking.  After our walk we let the kids have a snack.  And what better place than the back of the trunk right?  🙂  That’s Boo eating a jello out of the boot of Lucy.

I took this pic and was fairly amazed Boo let me since he hates having his picture taken these days.  Of course he had to take mine in return.  We let him use the small camera and he takes pretty good pictures for a six year old!  We are going to the Keukenhof this weekend (my mom’s day gift – yeah!) and I think we will let him take some pics and see what he comes up with.  I’ll do a whole feature I think Pictures by Boo.

And my pic of the family.  I am really getting into photography and hopefully by Christmas I can save up enough money to get a really great dslr.

Blog Roll

I finally signed up for the Blogarithm thingy to keep track of updated blogs so I wouldn’t be heading to my favorite blogs twice a day to see if they have updated (what can I say, I am avoiding emptying and sorting those final boxes).  And I haven’t gotten updates in two days.  First I thought, OK, everyone has a life and just isn’t bogging.  But no!  Blogarithm isn’t working for me.  One of my favorite blogs has had not just one but three new posts and I didn’t know a thing about them.  Pssttt!  

What blog rolls do you all use as I will be searching for a new one to use.  I can’t be without my snippets of info while on vacation next week.  I need to feel connected!
Only a half day left of school and then Boo is on vacation.  Wahoo!  I can stand to be pajama bound till 11 am for a few days.  We also have 
our final social worker visit on Saturday.  
Then we are official done with any other commitments other than providing care, love, shelter and food for the Chick.  I am pretty sure Hubby isn’t getting fired from the new job anytime soon (from the report of the first week, he’s kicking butt!) so we can handle that.  Speaking of the Chick we finally got around to looking at the disk her orphanage gave us.  We had never looked at it in the 6 months we have had her home.  
There are over 300 pictures of her and ten videos of her at the orphanage!  I have no idea why we didn’t look at this sooner.  

It was supposed to also have the little going away video they made for her on it (we saw it on Gotcha Day) but we can’t 

either find it or open it.  Hmm.  
The music for it works, that file is there, but the video file doesn’t seem to be.
is kind of cool though that some of the file names are in Chinese
 characters.  No idea what they actually say but it’s pretty cool.   I’ll post a pic or two of the found photo’s.  

There are some pretty funny ones where she is screaming
 bloody murder from the looks of it.  And other ones that are just sweet and cute and really capture her happy personality (when she chooses to let it out anyway 😉   /掃描.jpg