I just want to clarify one thing…

The other day I said I was not PTO/PTA or PV (Parent Volunteers) material. It is not that I don’t care about what my kids school is doing or that I don’t want to be informed about what is going on. It’s just that my experiences with these organizations are never good. I did six months as Lunch Money Counter (which is just as exciting as it sounds) counting out the required money for each child in the school, processing the lunch orders, making sure the kids got their lunch tickets. All the things involved when your child attends a small private school that doesn’t have anyone else to do this for them. I volunteered in the classroom (pre-Chick). I feel I’ve served my time.

Here are the reasons I have no interest in being on or in the PTO/PTA/PV:

1. You have to go around stalking other parents for money – Programs cost money and it usually isn’t something the school will or can afford to shell out for. Things like school fete bake sales, fundraisers and teachers gifts. The parents are the ones asked to pay for these things. I used to hide from the PV ladies and turn the other way if I saw them coming.

2. So you gave your money. Now they want your time. This goes along with number one because now that you’ve forked over a small fortune they want you to run a booth, bake a cake and make posters for the event. That’s all well and good but here’s where it gets tricky for me – a. I don’t like people so running a booth is out. b. I am not Betty Crocker. c. I can’t really draw so poster making would not be my forte.

3. You have to be pushy in order to get things done. I am the opposite of pushy. I am the small mouse in the corner observing the party rather than the active participant. I don’t want people to hide from me or run the other way screaming “Run for your life! It’s that PTO lady!”

In the end I prefer to just get a note from the teacher telling me what’s going on or reading the school newsletter (I am hoping they have one. Our last school did Friday Flash email newsletters, which were brilliant.) There are my reasons, love em or hate em.

Are you a member of your schools PTO/PTA/PV? Tell me why or why not or if you plan to be in the future. And do you run from them if you see them coming?