Random Tuesday Thoughts: I velcro’d a Monkey’s Butt

It’s Random Tuesday. If you don’t know what it is, you’ve been living under a rock, go see the fearless leader, she’s our SuperHero…don’t know many more ways I can say so just Click It.  The UnMom.


Last week the family and I went to a Reds game.  Before the game one of the pitchers, Bronson Arroyo, was sitting outside with a guy playing guitar…giving a free concert.  Arroyo can totally sing.  I ordered his cd and it came in the mail.  Completely love at first ears.  I kid not.  Go to his site and listen for free, then buy it!  Not bad for someone who also kicks butt at pitching!

I got to test out Junior’s Cheesecake thanks to 1-800-Flowers a few weeks ago.  Oh so yummy!  It was delicious and didn’t last long around here.  If you have a need to order something yummy for friends, family or yourself you should definitely go to 1-800-Flowers and look up getting a Junior’s Cheesecake; it’s heaven in a box!

This falls under the category of something you might like, so I’m sticking into Random Tuesdays to spread the word.  It’s tomorrow!!

Designers Stewart+Brown Talk Eco Fashion 9/22: “Wicked Fresh! Tom's_logoWednesdays” Live Video Chat Series Finale
Participate in the LIVE online Q&A with Karen Stewart and Howard Brown and Get a Chance to Win One of Two $250 Stewart+Brown Gift Cards

When: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 – 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m.to 9:00 p.m. EST

Where: Hosted on Tom’s of Maine Facebook page –www.facebook.com/TomsofMaine – via the Live Chat tab

What: Tom’s of Maine “Wicked Fresh! Wednesdays” live video chat series with Karen Stewart and Howard Brown, founders and designers of the pioneering sustainable clothing line Stewart+Brown. Get the insider fashion scoop about their fall fashion tips, balancing entrepreneurism with family, how they source their fabrics and much more.

I checked out a book from the library called “Get A Life That Doesn’t Suck” by Michelle DeAngelis.  It has a picture of a straw stabbed into a lemon.  Don’t know what the books even really about other than not having a sucky life.  Cover totally sold it though.

One thing I hate about the local library is when they say they have a book online, but when you get there…it’s nowhere to be found. Always happens.

Every night about 5 I get all dizzy (I don’t know what that’s about but I’m sure not enjoying it).  On Sunday Chick was playing with my hair while I was sitting on the floor.  I actually had to lay down.  She put a pillow under my head, covered me with a blanket and gave me her pink fluffy dog to sleep with.  Then she brought me a lollipop.  This kid rocks.

I literally velcro’d a monkey’s butt yesterday.

Have you listened to any good music lately?  I’m currently in love with Sara Barielles’s new cd, Lifehouse, Matt Hires and the soundtrack to The Last Kiss.  Other popular iPod pop ups are On the Rocks (All the Above), Jurassic 5 (with Dave Matthews – Work It Out) and The Band Perry (If I Die Young).  What are you listening to? (I haven’t played Pearl’s iPod Predict’s The Weekend shuffle in awhile.  I may have to do that this week.)

Thor got himself three minutes of fame on Friday.  You can see it over here: Better Off Red.  (He’d be thrilled if you clicked through!!) FunkBlast.

Again, I’m already all randomed out.  I have to stop trying to write these in advance, late at night, while watching baseball.  On that note, I don’t know what I’m going to do when the season ends.  Take up basket weaving?  Oi.

If you want even more Random go see Keely at The UnMom.

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts Day Sing A Ma Jig

And I don’t have a post pre-prepared like usual.  Weird I know! I’m in baseball mode so no one here wants to hear about that.  So instead I invite you all to go see Keely at The UnMom. She keeps me on my Random Toes and NOW she also gives unsolicited advice.  Pretty awesome huh? Anyway, the badge of love and lets get moving:


So all I’ve been reading about in every magazine (Philadelphia, Bloomberg, WSJ) is how colleges rank and who they accept and yada yada yada.  And then they get to the tuition….and here’s where I die a  slow effin painful death.  Let’s just say Thor’s a genuis so he’s set for scholarships.  Chick, sweetie, you better work on your golf skills hun, cause that’s how we are getting you kids to college.

My previous college, the then Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now Philadelphia University) charges $38, 302 a year.  And that’s one of the cheap schools!  Haverford tops out at $52, 606  You’d be tickled pink to know U Penn only charges you $47, 638.

Scholarships kids, scholarships.

I don’t want to think about college for them, I have enough trouble figuring out paying for me.

I keep promising the Sing-A-Ma-Jig I got at BlogHer so here you go:

You want one don’t you?

I hired a babysitter for Chick tomorrow so I can take Thor to the baseball game.  I don’t know who’s more excited, me or him.  We haven’t done a Mom and Son thing in forever.

Does anyone know how to transfer itunes from side of a Mac to the other?  All the music is kept on CP’s side and you would think I could access it from my side but no.  I can’t.  Makes me insane.

I slept last night.  For those of you who follow my Twitter stream you’ll know what a big deal this is. SeVen Hours  SEVEN HOURS.  Granted it took a prescribed pill to get me there but Seven Hours.  Felt like heaven with a pillow.

There are groceries to buy and things to umm, do so go see Keely and get your Random on.  Every Tuesday, rain shine sleet or hail (even when she’s on vacation!).  The UnMom.  Be like Nike and just do it.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: One Dead Fish

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts time!  Join Keely at The UnMom for lots of Random Tuesday Fun.


My teams lost yesterday.  That kinda stinks. I had this to say via Twitter:

BlogMamaAndrea Me: “Those boys need a spanking!” CP: “And you’re more than willing to give them one?” Me: “Yes!!” #reds 4 #rockies 5 in the 5th

about 4 hours ago via web

Yep, and that would have worked too.

I read this article in Philadelphia Magazine by Richard Rys last week and was completely sickened by what’s happened to Old City.  Old City used to be where I went in college for First Friday’s (art gallery showings the first Friday of every month) and then Italian food.  It’s supposedly becoming the Jersey Shore of Philadelphia.  One restaurant owner was quoted as saying she couldn’t tell the regular people from the hookers.  That’s really, really sad.

The best line from the Green Zone with Matt Damon:

How do we know we’re not walking into an ambush?
We don’t. Put your F-in game face on.

I feel the same way every time I go to Walmart.

Thor’s beta fish died last night.  I’m amazed it survived that long.  It had been with us since May? June?  I thought he might get upset but his only words were “Well, it only had a 14 day guarantee mom.”  Right you are my son, right you are.

I found a library receipt from 8/06/05 in one of my books.  I’ve saved it (consciously).  It was the first time I read the first Harry Potter book.

I’ve also kept my traffic ticket from the Polizei.  I have no idea exactly why.  Fond memory maybe?  Eh.

As always, it’s also Tuesday’s Terms.

That’s all the Random I have time for.  If you like Random then head over to see Keely at The UnMom for more.

Random Tuesday Thoughts, in which I send adult text to my niece

Yep, it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts time and that means we all need to thank our Super Hero Leader, Keely over at The UnMom for creating an event that shall live a lot longer than we do.


On to the random-dumb-hilarious things I’ve done this week…

Last night, after dinner, I was sitting at the table, enjoying an adult beverage, when I got a text.  First thought Casey!! (Cause, seriously I Do Not Text.  Except with Casey, cause she’s special.) But I saw it was my sister with whom I’ve texted a few times.  Innocent enough (to start) it goes like this:

Sis: What are you doing   girly  (not out of line for my sis to say)

Me: Having a beer and getting ready to bathe the chick. Trust me alcohol is required.
Me: What r u up to?

Sis: Lol McK (niece) was trying 2 text my sil A and she was like oh my gosh i accidentally did aunt andrea! then she says “did u know she drinks beer?

(I was mortified I just sent that type of text to my 8 year old niece, on a Sunday, when neither of her parents drink, and they were probably still in their church clothes)  

Me: Oh my!! Guard ur phone woman!!!

Good news is niece couldn’t stop giggling about the whole thing.  Not sure I can either.

I met up with some new people this weekend for general entertainment and frivolity.  I’m pretty sure I repeated the same phrase three times in five minutes and came off sounding like a complete moron (in other words, I was myself…) I’m really not that inept at conversation.  I swear.

So! @JamieBlog on Twitter is having this awesome contest on his website Better Off Red.  You have a chance to win an autographed poster of Joey Votto from his recent Sports Illustrated cover.  Hello!  I want that.  I wonder if the fact that I sat at Mr. Votto’s table for dinner in July will get me any extra bonus points…(In case you forgot, here’s the photographic evidence of said dinner.)


Anyway, to win, you need to recreate Joey’s image on the cover.  It’s not as easy as you think.  Cause really, how can you top the original picture?

Looking for Tuesday’s Terms?  They are here.

Yesterday I endured the heck that is the after-school car line at SM Elementary because Thor had a doctor’s appointment.  If he took the bus home we wouldn’t have made it on time.  Next time I’d rather be late than repeat that form of hell…Now I know why they discourage you from picking your kids up from school.

I have four books I’m in the process reading (HP Deathly Hallows, Anna Karenina, All Quiet on the Western Front and some e-book I don’t even remember the name of it’s so boring) and yet I can’t seem to motivate myself to get through any of them.  With the exception of the ebook I’ve read them all previously.  I’ve been reading a chapter of each every couple of days.  It’s my own version of Book Readers ADD.

I’ve had a single small package of plain M&M’s on my desk for about two weeks.  Still haven’t finished them yet.  I eat three or four everyday and that’s it.  Now if they were Peanut Butter M&M’s or Peanut; I wouldn’t be blogging about it because they would already be long gone.  (FYI, eating an M&M then randomly eating dried cranberries a few minutes later – things that don’t go together.)

If you didn’t get enough Random from me, then you can head over to The UnMom and read all the other Random that’s going on around the world today.

If you have a Random Affliction, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The posts don’t write themselves…

…unless they do.  This weeks Random Tuesday Thoughts is proudly brought to you by Me and Keely at The UnMom (her idea but she let’s me play along…)

This is where I would normally stick the Fugly buton we all know and love but…Keely recently relocated her blog to a new host and well…I can’t load the page.  Dang nabit.  So just envision the Fugly button people, okay?

Did you know I can now claim that I met The Keely?  Cause I totally can (hello BlohHer 2010).  And I’m pretty sure she only told me once to stop stalking her (she was talking to someone else that second time.  I’m nearly positive of that…)

See?  Real live proof –

She totally wants to be BFF’s.  I’m thinking about it…

I’ve become like a crack addict and I’ve launched myself at Twitter full press (@BlogMamaAndrea if you’re not already following!!)  Really, still don’t get the reason why (except to follow baseball) and yet I am on there All. The. Time.  What gives with that?

Baseball.  Yep, I’m addicted to that too.  I’m writing up that little baseball blog Robin is forcing me into (thanks!) and hopefully it’ll be ready for Monday.  Monday’s are going to be Mascot Monday’s over at The (Virgin’s) Guide To Baseball.  Catchy name, eh?  Thought of it myself and everything… Will you be reading it? Let me know.

Last week I told you about needing to take Thor for more concise testing for his ASD.  I called the Children’s Hospital for an appointment.  They directed me to a separate ASD center.  Which directed me to get a referral from my pediatrician.  And then call back for an appointment.  I’ll take Pass the Patient for a $1,000 Alex!

I haven’t watched the evening news (local or national) in a long time.  I always get my news online.  Does anyone even watch the news anymore??  That Couric lady still hacking it up?

If you consistently eat Grands biscuits with lavender honey you will gain three pounds in a week (especially if you add real butter.)  I don’t know this for fact or anything…I’m just saying.  Could happen.

I’m loving unemployment.  Too bad it’s not loving me back.  Maybe I’m just unemployable?  If I fill out one more application just so it can get tossed in the trash…

Have you been Coxed?  (Kudos to Gina for making it into Urban Dictionary!!)

If you use Twitter, do you look for people to follow?  I don’t search for people (unless I’m reading your blog and you have a link for Twitter, then I usually follow you).  I’m just curious if I’m the only one who simply lets other people do all the work…

What would you doo-oo for a Klondike bar?  If it meant I never had to watch that commercial again, I’d buy every damn Klondike bar on the planet.

I wanted to put up a video of my Fisher-Price Sing-A-Ma-Jig but my Flip camera broke.  Thankfully since it was still under warranty Flip is sending me a new one.  For that they rock.  They don’t rock so much for their CS making me feel like a COMPLETE FREAKIN’ MORON when I was on the phone.  I really didn’t need your help to feel stupid, just so you know.

Oh, I feel so good now that a dribble of the Random has escaped!  If you want to get your Random on head over to Keely’s to link it up!  Tell her that her BFF sent ya.

(Watch her site will be down and I’ll have composed this entire post for nothing…)

Random Tuesday Thoughts. If it doesn’t hurt then it’s not random

It’s that special day of the week again, Tuesday.  Please visit your leader Keely at The UnMom for Random Tuesday goodness.   If it’s better to be late than never, I’m going to win this one today.


It’s either hot as Hades here or raining and thunderstorms.  Could the weather please, please make up it’s mind?  And while I’m asking for the impossible, could you take the humidity with you? 

Is summer vacation over yet?

Didn’t think so but I just thought I’d ask.  It has already been the longest vacation and it’s only been three weeks.  I would love to say a lot is Thor just being aspergerian but I think it’s just really really early teen attitude.  Where can I find a good boarding school??

I love the girl but she just doesn’t get how to say baseball.

Speaking of baseball, I don’t exactly know how or why but I’ve become a dedicated watcher/lover of the game now.  I even follow Phillies/Reds tweets of games and get the Reds daily newsletter.  I don’t know what’s happening to me but I kinda like it.

Today the poor kids had to get in the pool for swim lessons in the rain.  I felt sorry for them. From the shelter of inside.  That’s what moms are for right? To feel your pain.

Did you know I don’t feel like working toady?  I feel like napping.  I’m pretty sure Im allowed to pencil that into my schedule.

I have about forty magazines piled up that I have yet to even break the cover of (some still have plastic on them).  If you need something to read let me know.

Does anyone know what unicorns and vampires have in common?  Me neither but someone at my writing group wrote a story about them.  Not sure I’m really digging that one.

That’s it for Random today.  See Keely for me.

Just your average Thursday. Umm, I mean Tuesday.

Yes, that is a squirrel inside the bird feeder.  No, that’s not the first time it happened either.  I’m having sadistic thoughts of locking the little bugger in there.  Or investing in a BB Gun.

I can’t believe no one got my title quote on RTT last week.  No one even guessed.  Harry Potter number 5. Hermione Granger to Ron in the Gryffindor common room.  After Harry kisses Cho. No one really knew that?  It’s even in the book, #5 Order of the Phoenix, P. 459 third paragraph from the bottom.
(I think I just proved my HP dorkiness.)

I bet you know this one though.  Raise your mouse if you know what this symbol means?


Ahh, you guys are so smart I don’t even have to tell you what to do anymore.

Yes the spacing is all kinds of messed up today.  No matter what I do it won’t resolve itself.  So we all just get to deal with four inches of white between paragraphs.  Goody.

I spent gobs of hours over the weekend reading this little gem, Deadline Man by Jon Talton. Oh My. I’m excited to review adult fiction for a nice change of pace. Review coming up very soon. You are gonna love it.

Chick’s birthday was Friday (yes, I am sure I have the day right this time, unlike last week). I may or may not have gone overboard with the Buzz Lightyear stuff. T-shirt, plush toy, RC and Woody Shake and Drive Car, book, movie and gift bag. Plus candle and cake decor. No, she doesn’t like Buzz-Buzz at all.
We went to the Reds game last night. It was fun (other than playing pass the Chick) but nowhere near the energy of a Phillies game. I wore my Phillies hat though so they were there in spirit. The best thing were the seats. They. Rocked. In the 100 level right off first base. I could see the players expressions. I love it when free tickets from CP’s work (courtesy of the Reds) also involves great seats.

Apparently Thor has an imaginary friend, a girl. But boy was he ticked when his real life friend told me about his imaginary friend. Dude, they are imaginary for a reason and it usually means Don’t Ever Tell My Mom I Have One.
The exterminator came on Thursday. Hallelujah! No more ants. The guy’s going on and on about the colony and mega colonies and how they will make separate colonies outside of the queen and can go for 2 miles to get back to the colony. I just wanted to make him shut up. I don’t really want to know that underneath my patio is the ‘best breeding ground’ he’s seen in months! Just kill the little bastards, please.

In case you didn’t catch that. I don’t like bugs. In my house. Ever.

The poor little girl across the street comes over almost every night at about 7 or 7:30 to ask if Thor can play. I hate telling her no every time. It’s not that she isn’t a sweet girl or that he doesn’t want to play, she just always asks when he has to take a bath, or it’s too late to play outside. Pretty soon I think she’s going to give him up as a lost cause.

I wish there was a mute button on the wii remotes. Whenever Thor plays Star Wars Lego even though the volume on the tv is off the remotes continue to make all sorts of random annoying sounds. Loudly.

I got this card in the mail the other day from the USO:  “Please sign and return this “Thank You” message.  We’ll deliver it, along with a pre-paid phone card, to a lonely GI.”

I just found that one funny.  I’m not entirely sure why.

What do you eat for breakfast?  I can not find anything that works for me.  I can’t eat cereal because I”m lactose intolerant and milk, especially in the morning, really leaches the life out of me.  So then there’s the toast option.  Except I like raspberry jam on toast. And raspberry jam and coffee just don’t mix for me.  It totally kills the taste.  I can’t do just butter on toast unless I’m sick.  Then there are the Nutrigrain bars.  Retch.  I think it’s because I attempted them when I was pregnant (and subsequently vomited for 9 months) so just the thought of one of those going anywhere near my lips makes funny not-good things happen to my tummy.  What normally ends up happening is coffee and then a cheese stick.  Great breakfast!

Did I tell you all I found a swimsuit?  And on a big sale too?  Like $40!  From Athleta!  I don’t think I’ve paid so little for a swimsuit since….ever.  Why is it that so little fabric costs so dang much?  I only bought  a new one because my old one didn’t cover my tattoo.

Oh yeah, I got a tattoo.  Last summer.  Karma tells me today will be the day my mom will remember my blog address and stop by.  Hi Mom!  Don’t freak, I’m still normal.  (Normal being relative and all.)

Busy busy week.  Doctors, dentists, a new dishwasher (yahoo!) and our first house guests.  And it’s my birthday this week.  Goodbye 32, I did so love being you.  Maybe we can go back and reclaim 30 someday.

If you or someone you love needs help with Random, go see Keely at The UnMom.