Life in Idaho

It’s pretty relaxing here. Lot’s of sunshine and blue skies and no clouds. I still can’t seem to shake my habit of visiting the store everyday (I seem to forget something every time). But Boo is having fun following Grandpa everywhere. We’ve been up to the playground at the local school and had a great time. They still make those tire swings like when I was kid (though they are no longer made of tires). I even fit on it and got plenty dizzy. I was just waiting for Boo and his cousin to throw up but they were just giggling and having fun. I keep trying to convince Boo to go see Ratatuoile (or however you spell it) but he doesn’t want to. I want to stay awake late enough at night to sneak out to see Harry Potter again. I dont even care that I’d have to go by myself. Four more days till we leave for Taiwan (Have I mentioned our flight’s at 5:30 am!!? With two stops?) It’s going to be a grand adventure for sure.

I just picked up a mini-dv video camera to capture everything so I’ve got to spend the day figuring out how to use it. It seems simple enough but that really is dh’s department – this electronic gagetry stuff. Well, here are some pictures from our first week. Not sure if I will blog before we leave on Thursday but I will try to while we are in Taiwan.