Double Post Friday

This week I got my copy of Cincinnati Magazine.  As I’ve said before, it’s no Philadelphia Magazine but it’s not so bad either.  Within the pages I came across a section about charity races.  If you remember way back to when I was living in Germany I took up running.  Or tried to at any rate.  You’ll also note that since we’ve moved to Kentucky I’ve only managed to run a few times.  Mostly because everywhere I go I see hills.  Lots and lots of hills. 

This mama don’t do hills.

I also have suddenly developed a highly unattractive look when running hills.  Think bright red sweaty face.  I never had this problem in Germany where I used to run along the Rhine river.  Not saying I looked like a freakin supermodel but I didn’t have red-face-itits.  So it has to be the hills.  That’s my conclusion anyway.

Back to the magazine.  There’s a charity run benefiting Cystic Fibrosis and it has to be taking place in the coolest place ever.

A cemetery. Why I find that to be such a great place to run is beyond me, but I’m so in.  It’s called the Run Like Hell 5K I’m going to do it.  That means I have to start training at some point to be able to make it the entire 5K because did I mention…

there are hills.  Lot’s and lot’s of hills.  And did I mention you have to wear a costume??? And it starts at 7:30 PM?? In a cemetery??

It’s gonna be awesome (and scary as hell…hehe)  But I am determined to see this through.  It’s for a good cause and it might get my butt in shape (figuratively and literally I suppose.)  I’m toying with the idea of offering up a chance for a yummy prize if you make a donation on my behalf to support me and the cause.  (Details to come on that.)

Either way, encourage me readers!  I’m going to need it to not only survive the running part but also the creepy cemetery part.  If you are in the Cincinnati area on Friday October 29 come by and show your support or better yet run with me!

*I’m taking suggestions for costumes as well!!

I might be in for more than I bargained for

I recently made the decision to start being more healthy.  And by that I mean cutting out chocolate exercising.  Why exercise?  Why not? I ask you!  People think because I am skinny thin that I don’t need to.  Okay, just because I may not have an issue with weight doesn’t mean I shouldn’t shake the cobwebs and move out from behind the computer every now and then.
So what have I chosen to do for my exercise?


Yep, quite possibly I may have lost my mind. But it sounds so good, all that blood pumping through the veins and the legs in motion and all that other…stuff.  First, I had to get accessorized. I made the trip to Kohls while visiting my mom last week and I came away with these:

Cute, no?  If that doesn’t make you want to get all down with exercise then I don’t know what will.  Available at Kohl’s.  On sale even.  Then of course I had to get some pants, with a matching pink stripe (this time hunting the clearance rack). If I’m going to do this I might as well look good when they find my dehydrated, dead tired body crumpled by the side of the running path.  
I don’t know what makes me think I’m going to be particularly good at running, since history shows me I’m not, but it seemed like an achievable goal.  A worthwhile endeavor.  If I fail I could blame it on this lovely blogger, who after all, made it look easy – Domestically Challenged? 
No, I really wouldn’t  But the temptation would be there.  Hopefully the weather will be in cooperation (and I will be as well both on the same day) and I will be running this week.  The Chick will be my escort in her stroller (I do have one that is good for this) so the excuses are sort of fading away.  Plus if I am any good at it I can claim to be a runner.  That’s a kind of cool thing to say.  Better than saying I’m good at reading blogs or typing or eating Milka Caramel bars.  
Ohh, Milka Caramel.  
I wonder if there are any left in the cupboard…