What do you average?

In the past few weeks I’ve been having trouble sleeping. This isn’t something new for me. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve gone through cycles of insomnia. Sometimes the cycles last a few weeks and then I am one cranky mama.
Watching certain shows before bed is a real no-no for me. Things like news programs about unsolved murders (or solved ones for that matter), any kind of scary movie or even just the news. I know that as soon as I get into bed I’ll be laying there thinking about what I just watched.
I made the mistake of watching a 48 Hours special about a murdered (and unsolved) child case years ago. Just writing that I’ll probably be up all night. It took me weeks to not think about that show when I went to bed.
I tend to head for bed about 11 but I wipe down counters in the kitchen, check Thor’s lunchbox for anything ultimately grotesque that needs to be thrown out and take care of one more email check before turning off the crackberry before I make it to my room. Then I have to do the usual bedtime stuff; put on pj’s, brush teeth, etc. All totalled that adds about 30 minutes so by the time I lay my head on the pillow it’s going on 11:30.
Unless Chick gets up beforehand the alarm goes off at 7:12 am. But I probably lay in bed for anywhere from 30-80 minutes before I can actually fall asleep. I’m getting at an optimum 7 hours.
It feels like far too little.
How many hours of sleep are you getting at night? Are you an insomniac or one of those lucky ones who fall asleep before you hit the pillow?

And then she slept…

I posted a bit ago about my on-going, never ending saga of my 2 1/2 year old not sleeping through the night.  Well, I don’t know what I did yesterday but I so hope I can do it again today!  She slept from 8pm (later than normal but we were all having so much fun I couldn’t put her to bed and she was snuggled up to her daddy which doesn’t happen very often), anyway she slept from 8 pm to 4:55 am!  Ah, I’m so thankful for the sleep!  I even got her to go back to sleep until 6 and then we got up.  I haven’t had that much sleep in one block in over SEVEN months.  It felt delicious and wonderful and fantastic.  Now I’m going to want it every night. 

Today we might get out and do some local sightseeing.  For awhile we were going to a different little town within an hour or so every weekend and just exploring.  Usually on a Sunday since no shops are open and we tend to get bored doing nothing.  This week in the school newsflash they had two towns listed within an hour that sounded very interesting.  I think we will try to head to one of them today since the boys have Cub Scouts tomorrow.  The info on the two towns is below if anyone local cares to check it out.

1. Monschau.  With its castle, half-timbered houses, mustard mill and glass-blowing centre, 

Monschau is a jewel in the Eifel Region-and just about an hours drive from Bonn/Köln.  The 

old town, often known as the “Pearl of the Rhine” is just as it was 300 years ago and is well 

worth a visit.  For more information see www.monschau.de .  It comes in English  

2. Bad Münstereifel.  Another beautiful town amidst the spectacular Eifel landscape.  Bad 

Münstereifel boasts an ironmonger among other attractions.  There is also an old bakery 

and glass-blower’s hut.  The town also has great antique and bric-a-brac shops to browse 

thorough.  There is an old stone house from 1150 on Klosterplatz.  For more information on 

Bad Münstereifel and other destinations in the Eifel Region visit www.eifelfuehrer.de .  It’s 

in German only.   

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