Slow Post Week

I realized that it’s Sunday already.  I know that shouldn’t be a shocking thing but, there you have it.  Since Friday was a holiday here (German Reunification Day) I once again forgot to play Photo Friday over at Candid Carrie’s.  Rats because I actually did have a good picture.  Ah, maybe next week.

It was a pretty low key weekend.  I got absorbed in writing something new, it’s like the ‘voices’ just don’t know or care when it turns midnight, or I have other stuff to do.  I do think this new project is even better than the last one so I am really going to take my time with it.  My previous project I’ve completed the editing on the printed version now I just have 7 chapters left on the computer to make changes to and then I can submit it for the RWA contest.  I’m hoping to have that accomplished by Wednesday.
Chickadee has speech therapy again starting on Tuesday.  We had to stop for a few weeks because the school told us we could no longer meet there because she wasn’t attending yet.  The therapist has arranged to meet at the local American church right before the women’s bible study.  They have a nursery during bible study so as long as Chick let’s me I’ll have a chance to participate in that as well which I am looking forward to.  So long as it works out, we’ll continue to meet at the church every week.  Let’s hope so because Chick’s frustration level (and mine) are hitting a new high with her inability to communicate what she wants.  Either that or she’s still punishing me for going away for a night.  She’s continuing her stance of waking up 4 to 5 times a night and I have to say – enough already!  I’m starting to re-think this whole kid thing… just kidding.
The Edeka had chocolate Christmas Santa’s out yesterday when we went to the store.  We haven’t even had Halloween yet!  But they did also have my very favorite cookies too.  Coppenrath Feiner Gewürz Spekulatius.  They are a bit like ginger snaps I suppose.  I don’t know but I’ve got three months to enjoy them as they aren’t around during the rest of the year.  Kind of like my most loved US ice cream – Edy’s Peppermint Stick ice cream that only comes out at the winter holidays.  MMM.
It’s a windy day and darkish too.  Perfect for enjoying my cookies and coffee… Happy Sunday!