Random Tuesday Thoughts: Swimsuit Edition

Ah, Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Goody.  I like Random and I like Tuesday.  This is brought to you by everyone’s favorite Zombie leader Keely at The Un-Mom  Hook up your blog or head over to her place so you can see who else is playing along today.
First Swimsuit edition.  Made you come over here now didn’t I?  Sucker.
It’s an absolutely gorgeous blue sky out this morning.  Just wait, five minutes will do.  It’ll change.  Forecast says rain all week and unfortunately the weather people are only wrong when they say it won’t rain.
For those who wondered, I am still trying (in vain) to get deported.  But my FBI files bound to be getting longer.  So look on the bright side!
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Turns out my pictures worth 30 euros.  Yep got a speeding ticket on the autobahn.  It’s always a lovely mail day when one of those envelopes arrive.
Have you ever removed the clothes from a stroller to wash it?  Good Golly Maclaren!  For $250 you could make the strap holes bigger you know.  The stroller may just have to stay naked.
Interesting news story: Switched at Birth.  This isn’t the first time something so delightful has happened.  I remember watching a show about another baby switch story as a kid.  So that kid doesn’t display any of my traits…hmm.
My fridge, no joke.  Small isn’t it?
My mom discovered my blog.  I accidentally forgot to remove the signature from my email. Oops.  Hi Mom, I promise to keep it clean for you okay?

I messed with the picture style but yes that is a real place. I didn’t go in but it sounds like fun doesn’t it?

House of Underwear6

My somewhat inaccurate (as in only counts about 3/4 of the people) blog counter thing told me yesterday I had 2200 hits for April. WTH! Am I really that interesting? Cool. Keep coming around all right? And de-lurk, I love those who de-lurk.

My daughter won’t stop bugging me for this for her birthday. She whines points at the picture in the brochure and then at her butt (as in her butt needs to be on the seat). I think she’s getting one just so she’ll stop whining about it.

That brings this edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts: Swimsuit Edition to a close. Please stop by Keely and leave some Random Love.

What you’re disappointed there weren’t any swimsuits? Okay okay here then:


Happy now?