It’s another one of those days

Well, it’s been another one of those kind of days.  Yesterday I had the strangest thing happen after school.  We are loading Boo’s backpack into the car and a little girl from his class comes up and asks for a play date, for now.  Her mom comes over and I say that I couldn’t today (since I wasn’t prepared with any snacks or anything).  I said that any other day this week would be fine.  The mom says how about we come to your house tomorrow?  Umm, OK.  I don’t remember inviting them over to my house since I didn’t initiate the play date.  Usually, to my inexperienced knowledge perhaps, the person who asks for the play date hosts the play date.  I thought maybe it’s a German thing but I’ve never had any of the other German moms invite themselves over, we’ve always arranged things for a few days later at the invitee’s home.  It’s just bizarre to me.

It ended up being canceled anyway (by me) because I have phone calls to make for appointments for Chick (more later).  The plan is for me to take the kids to our house (again, how did I get to be the one to host??) on Monday after school.  Whatever.

I ain’t as innocent as I look

Chickadee has been up to no good today.  She can now reach the light switches in some of the rooms.  Since they are buttons and not the traditional flip switches like in the US you just have to push them.  And she does.  I find the lights on when I don’t remember having touched them in broad (bright) daylight.  She has also:
  • Climbed up the front of her highchair (I was doing dishes in the kitchen)
  • Climbed on top of the coffee table (I was vacuuming) 
  • Rifled through my make-up bag (I was in the shower)
  • Pulled out the dvd’s I guess she’d like to watch (I was right here!)

She is just trouble personified today.  Trouble Trouble Trouble.  I need one of those baby shirts that screams HERE COMES TROUBLE!  It’d fit today.  Though I do have to say, it could have been worse.  My blogger/adoptive friend Tisra is dealing with this over at LifeTrain

I sure hope Hubby comes home early tonight – I need a drink!