I’ve succumb to peer pressure

It’s happened.  I’ve succumbed to the worst kind of peer pressure and done something I swore I would not do. I haven’t checked blogs, I haven’t emailed, I’ve haven’t done any internet surfing. It all happened after a friend came over for dinner last week and we were talking about books.  
I said I didn’t have an interest in this particular book because paranormal was not my thing. 
She said it wasn’t gruesome or gory just sweet and a very good read.  She lent it to me.  It sat untouched all week until yesterday at 2 o’clock I figured I should at least read a chapter before returning it so I could honestly say I simply hadn’t cared for it.
Flash forward to 1:40 am.  The last page read.  And I’m dying to run out to Bouvier and see if they carry book two in english.  In fact all of them in enlgish so I won’t have to wait the five days if I order them.  Yep, I read it people and quite frankly I enjoyed it.