Post-apocalypse; or surviving jet-lag, & vacation review

Jet-lag. Oh, you fun little treat. If jet-lag were the ‘it’ item of the month, then I would be in luck. Because jet-lag is certainly living large and in-charge in my life this week. We are post 6 days since we returned from the US, and I’m still hitting snooze to the point where I’ve started taking my alarm into bed with me so I don’t have to get up to hit reset.

Nicht gut, meine freund.

Tomorrow the kids go back to school, which means I have the school run, which means the alarm will be going off at 6:15. I’m having trouble going to bed before 11, falling asleep before midnight, and rarely sleeping all night long {last nights highlights include obnoxious drunks walking down the street at 3 am, the dog throwing up at 4 am, and then she decided at 7 am that she’d like to get up and go outside. Note: dogs do not care that you would like a nice sleep-in.}

61 days.

61 days left on the Great London Adventure and I am most looking forward to the fact that we will be spending 9 of those days in other countries {Ireland, Scotland, Norway} I am, as they say, done. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is definitely at home in Seattle. It seems strange that I am so looking forward to going back to one of the rainiest places, but when you have views like these just driving down the freeway, how could you not want to be there??


FullSizeRender 6IMG_9845

Seeing that -those glorious mountains- never, ever gets old. Even in awful phone snaps.

I had planned to blog about the Spring 10×10 but I ended up not taking my computer with me on holiday, and that’s good; as I would have had zero time to actually write anything. We pretty much spent vacation {especially our brief trip to Seattle} going from 6 am to 9 pm without much of a break. The days were full, and productive {the kitchen is fully planned and picked, our contractor has already picked up our granite slab we chose at the warehouse. that’s a post for another day.} I did take some admittedly terrible selfie outfit shots which you can find on my Instagram. At some point I might get around to writing more about it.

The trip to the US was really good, and we managed to go a great hike with my sister in law aka The Hiking Guru. The day truly was spectacular {even if it was 4.2 miles!}




You could even see the skyline of New York City in the distance at one of the lookout points.


I can see many hikes ahead in our future back in Seattle {which is kind of the mecca of hiking/outdoor activities}, because we all really enjoyed it. We also enjoyed a walk around Princeton and the campus, which I had never been to before (the campus, I’ve been to the town a few times). The weather turned so nice we stood outside eating ice cream in the shade and didn’t even get cold. {I love NJ in the spring!}

Vacation is always welcome, even if I am glad this was our last back and forth to the US {because all I want right now is a nap}. Even though we were crazy busy most of the days, I definitely know that I felt relaxed in a way that I never am in London. Maybe it’s just being home, in my own country, or in my city, but I think it might be awhile before I get the expat itch again.

It might be a good long while indeed.


*journal style blogs are out it seems, but I’m in the thought of who gives a peach?

On Vacation

I’m heading out for vacation at the beach and this tiny little itty bitty event called BlogHer.  I doubt you’ve heard of it.  But that’s where I’ll be.  I’ll be posting if I can (from the beach or the conference, whenever the mood strikes me).
I'm going

If your going to be at BlogHer leave me a message.  I’d love to meet up!

Enjoy the week!  See you on the ninth.

The MiniVan is Full

It’s that time of year again.  The Parental Units are in town so I’m too busy:

  • Chasing over tired/over excited/over stimulated children
  • Visiting the aquarium/zoo
  • Finding interesting things to do
  • Freaking out because Monday night is my night to read for my writing group

…to find time to read blogs.  We are also going to this tomorrow:


I’ll be Tweeting from the ballpark if anyone cares.  You can follow me at @BlogMamaAndrea
I mean it’s my Old Hometown versus my New Hometown.  My favorite team (Phillies) versus my second favorite.  Halladay versus Harang, two delicious pitchers.  The match-up is going to be great.

I’ll be back after the 4th.  I hope everyone has a great week!

(And BTW July 2nd is my big sis’s birthday.  Happy Birthday 🙂

That’s a Wrap

Did everyone survive the holidays?  Did you get all the things you wanted?  Who played with the toys more, you or your kids?

I’d answer all of those but hey I’M ON VACATION!  CP and I are ditching the kids with his mom and sister for a night and heading on down to Annapolis.  Our first time ever leaving BOTH of the kids overnight.  I plan to pretty much do nothing for the 22 hours we’ll be gone.

Yep, nothing. No blogs.  No web surfing.  Yes, I’ll be emailing (I’m not a saint.)  I do plan to bring my laptop and get a good amount of writing done while CP does this work stuff Monday morning.  Other than that I’m drinking latte’s and relaxing.

But look for a great Monday’s Muse and coming Tuesday my review of the rechargable wine opener from CSN.  And yep, I’m giving one away too so be sure to stop back.

Enjoy your Sunday.

The things we collect: A memo from the management

What do you collect?  Paintings, pictures, figurines; something old, something new?  There are so many things to collect but the things that occupy me the most are thoughts.  I collect thoughts and words.  Sometimes they are words of joy and sorrow, thoughts of loneliness and hope.  There are too many thoughts that want to escape my brain to mention here.

I’ve been lighthearted, grumpy, funny, and sarcastic.  I’ve been thoughtful, thought provoking.  I’ve blogged the trivial, the mundane, the inane and the insane.  My favorite posts have been ones where others have commented that I was funny or thought provoking.  I provided some entertainment value to their day or enhancement to their morning or evening.  This goal is a tough one – to find someone who enjoys what you write.  I am reading a great series of posts on another blog about following and followers and doing it because you enjoy reading what someone else wrote.  Don’t just click my button and follow.  Follow because you want to read what I write and you enjoy reading here.  I spent some time looking through my own blogs that I follow and realized some people I followed way back in the beginning of the “following” for no real reason.  I’ve realized I should follow you if I want to read you.  So I took myself off some lists because there was no need for me to be there. If I lose a few people that’s okay.  I really do only want to have people here who want to be here.  Likewise if I follow you I usually comment as time allows.  Not every time or maybe not even every week but I do read.  For me a lot depends on when you post, if you’re posting early morning here or afternoon that’s when I’m online, so I tend to comment more often then.  I try to make my comments thoughtful and interesting.

For me there is no greater compliment than being told that what I have written made someone laugh or think.  I want to do more of that.  Perhaps that will move this blog beyond it’s original purpose of three years ago when I created it.  I created this blog (and it’s former incarnation SAHMinBonn) as a way to document our journey across the ocean to a land unknown and to let family know we didn’t perish in the process.

It has become my place to connect, to understand, to learn, to laugh, to feel less alone in this sometimes very lonely expatriate life.  It is my place to express thoughts, and myself, even when both are crazy.  I’ve enjoyed putting it all out there for others to read.  I found amazing support during our move, our adoption that took pretty much every bit of faith out of me, two hospital stays for Boo and many various issues including weird trash collection rules, support for problems with schools and teachers and being robbed the first night in our new neighborhood.  You’ve helped me up when I’ve fallen down (without laughing at me too much) and often told me ‘this too shall pass’.  

Without you, the readers, there would be no Blogging Mama.  I thank you for stopping by, saying hello and sharing my day.  I’ll be sure to catch an extra ray of sun tomorrow for you and build a sandcastle in your honor.

You’ll find a few scheduled posts popping up here while I am off lazing around in the sun sipping ice tea or screaming my lungs out on Space Mountain (hopefully Boo will be willing to hold my hand). 

Please stop by a favored blog today and tell them just how much you’ve enjoyed reading their words.  And hey, see that little thing over there on the right called ‘Some Fascinating People Follow This Blog’ ?  Some truly fascinating people do read here and I appreciate it.  Pop over and check them out, you won’t be sorry you did.  If you’re a lurker, leave a note in the comments.  I always enjoy meeting new people.  I do read all the comments and I do my best to stop by and say hi within a few days.  I’m back to being connected on or about the 26th, so I hope everyone has a great week!

Christmas Visitors

So a record two feet of snow fell in the town my parents were to fly out of on Thursday.  The flight from there was delayed.  The next flight once they made it to Seattle was delayed three hours.  The next flight in DC left without them.  And so ensued the (not) so hilarious events that followed on Friday and Saturday:
  • Roundtrip driving from My Town to Frankfurt – 297 km (x2 cars) twice
  • Waiting in the hot crowded airport for two hours
  • Parking for two cars (twice) – 28€
  • Spending three hours in the car with children two days in a row
  • Waking up at 5 am
  • Standing at the wrong gate and missing said parents arrival
Finally finding your parents Saturday morning:  Priceless (almost)

We’re back

And boy does jetlag want to hang around.  I finally got the kids up at 10:30 (after chick was up from 2 until maybe 5?  I am not sure as I plopped her in the pack n play with snacks in front of a few movies and went back to sleep on the couch.  All was quiet when I got up at 5:45.)  So once I get three people bathed and dressed and go out to buy essentials like food, I will have a fun photo post of our vacation.  The Twelve Days of Vacation 🙂

Sun: check
Swimming: check
One flowergirl down the aisle: check
570 days till we get back the good ole USA permanently: check

Back from vacation

The Highlights of Vacation Time:

Chalk Drawing with Cousin Debbie

Painting with Aunt Sarah

Playstation Time

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Cozy Coupin’

Umm, I still fit!

The great Egg Hunt

I think I need another vacation.  Before we left last Tuesday, three of the four of us had colds.  I was the only one spared and I was feeling pretty smug about that.  Well, smack me down Mr Nasty Cold!  Day two of vacation here comes Mr Nasty Cold.  I think I went through the entire tissue supply in New Jersey over the last 5 days.  It has been a nose blowing, sore throat, achy body kind of vacation.  Oh, and the usual Target run, mall trip and Easter egg hunt thrown in for fun.

I may have to blog more later.  A certain little Chickadee spent SEVEN HOURS squiggling on my lap aboard a plane recently and I got zero sleep.  So, much laundry and rest is needed.  I leave you with pictures instead.