A little thing called website envy

I’ve been wondering if this little blog needs a prettier package. Don’t worry, my penchant for change isn’t going to shake things up too much. I’ve finally come to love my header (which I did myself) and the way things are laid out. Sort of anyway. But I am wondering if it isn’t time for a more professional blog. You know, one that links all my blogs under one place?

That could be a risky move of course. Because personal blogs and work blogs don’t always belong on the same page. But if I’m trying to be known for my writing, it would be good for people to see my writing. Most of you don’t know about my ‘other’ little black secret blog (you’re looking it up now though aren’t you?)

The catalyst behind all this is thanks to Nathan Bransford (not that he knows it). He’s a literary agent with a blog and the other day he unveiled his new professional look. Color me envious. It’s nice and pretty and organized and professionally put together. (The guy who did his site, Sean Slinsky, also did the Dad Gone Mad website. I love the header on that site.)

Of course I’m not a literary agent but I’m trying to get one. It made me realize that maybe, if this place looked a bit better, I could pass out the address. After all, technology and social network is all the rage these days. If I can cash in on that in order to uphold a dream of being published, why not?

I’m on a budget though. As in whatd’ya got for free? So, wonderful readers, does anyone have any fantastic Build Your Own Website Design-ish links for me? Have you had your site professionally upgraded? If you could, would you?