Inspiration Thursday

It’s already Thursday evening, and what I’d really like to post would have a lot of inspiration in here:

I was reduced to clock stalking last night until finally somewhere in the 4 am hour I nodded off to snap awake at 6:30 thanks to my dog. Instead of mainlining coffee, I thought since I’m staying upright while waiting for dinner to be delivered {because lets be honest, I’m not going near a stove tonight}, I might as well post a little inspiration.

I love both of the spaces above. The top master bedroom picture is definitely the ideal room at the vacation house in the mountains next to a lake; in other words Dreamy. I love the creative use of space in the under stairs bookcase/reading nook/nap area. I could easily spend hours there.

I’m also seriously taken, not only with the color of theses walls {Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments} but with the entire staircase/foyer. I’ve filed it under “That Beach House I’ll Build Someday”.


Drift Road
Just more of that please, and thank you. I have an entire board of All Things Beachy. Which is where these next pictures come from.

These are the colors I’d love in my house. I have a milder version of the blue and the green already between the dining room and the family room. But if we turn the kitchen refresh into a kitchen total overhaul, I’m thinking a scheme that leads in this direction would be perfect.


This staircase of blues would be a fun addition to a beach house. It’s festive and mimics my favorite source of inspiration; the ocean.

Florida Beach Cottage


This room is definitely worthy of snuggling down in after day in the sun and surf. It says, brush your sandy feet at the door, but all are welcome. The room below definitely has a conversation starter going in the boat light fixture. Kind of amazing but I’d hate to be the one trying to figure out how to fix it to stay up there.

That’s all the beach I can handle without saying goodbye to my kids and fleeing to Tahiti with nothing but a swimsuit and some sunblock. But there is always one rule you should follow {Husband, are you reading?!}:

Inspiration: Holiday

We are¬†going on holiday. Yes. hOliDAy. I can’t wait. Less than 18 hours and we will be on the {not fun} ten hour journey to Seattle.

{insert happy dance}

And we will spend five days on the lake. That means beach vacation.

{insert extra big happy dance plus kayaks}

So today’s inspiration post is all about the h o l i d a y .


And the things we might wear on holiday.


And the joy that comes from ten days of rest and relaxation.


Happy Holiday everyone.

Photo credits on my Pinterest board