The old and good

I have been wanting to find the zip files for my old, old blog (the one I wrote from 2005-2012, the one after that I know is locked on my desktop Mac, which is in storage in Seattle). While I did find a file of my blogger before I migrated over to WP, all of the pictures/links are of course missing. I am replacing the pictures that I can find, or pulling a post if it simply can’t be recreated without visual evidence.

But YAY! I found so many memories! Like this one, back when the blog word had the little 125×125 images that you could post on your site with the embed code, and then if someone liked your blog they could post your image on their blog {the old fashioned kind of advertising}. I crack up when I see our poses in this picture at the St Louis Arch. We were moving from Campbellsville, KY to Seattle {DRIVING 5,000+ MILES WITH TWO KIDS AND A YEAR OLD PUPPY, PEOPLE! and we are ALL still alive!}


I snagged the picture from my old Flickr account (which I didn’t even know still existed, I can’t remember what made me think to try to log into it), so the quality is a bit fuzzy, but I found so many great pictures: from Cincinnati Reds games and events, my kids running through the sprinkler (they were 9 and 4), when we had just gotten our puppy.



These are the times when I love the digital age. Such things did not exist when I was a kid. We bought our first digital camera when my son was born, and he’ll be 15 in February. I am amazed because my kids don’t know anything other than the iTunes and MP3’s, and digital camera’s and smartphones – our first computer was when I was in high school. I didn’t even have an email account until 1995 when I went off to college.

It’s such a different world now. I can’t image what it will be like 20 years in the future.

{So long story to say, I’ve decided to upload my old blog onto this one, to prove that I used to amusing I suppose, so expect posts from 2010 and back to 2006 or so to come flooding in!}

My roots (and I don’t mean the grey ones)

I was nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by Nicola at Just Gorgeous, which was very nice. She’s a British mum currently living in Australia, and she’s also doing Project 333, so be sure to go and check her out.


As the one person who occasionally reads this blog knows, I have actually been blogging since 2005. I originally started SAHMmominbonn when we moved to Germany, which after awhile became TheBloggingMama. I kept that name for about 7 years, and had a pretty good readership (this was back when blogs had real content, not just sponsored posts and reviews, when people actually connected and talked about Real Life). Then we moved yet again, I went through a bit of a crisis, and I pretty much deleted every social account (twitter, instagram, blog) and called it quits.

Then we moved again and I sort of started over. That’s how I became MamasGotKids. Now I really do write for me, and I don’t care much about who actually reads it. So thank you to the 3 who actually do. I appreciate it.

As part of the blog award the ‘rules’ state to tell 7 things about yourself. To quote Lady Mary Crawley ‘I don’t give a fig about rules.’

I really just wanted to say that.

I am a Downton Abbey aholic. I joined the party in season 3, so I was late to the mania but now I’ve probably seen the series about 15-20 times (and no, I am NOT kidding). I can’t get enough. There’s something so magical about that era, the clothes, the way people spoke, the way people showed respect and courtesy, and had actual manners and proper English. There’s a whole lot of that missing in the world today and maybe that’s why I love DA so much.

Well, it’s actually a giant soap opera without any of the trashy sex or cat fighting that I can’t stand. So when Downton Abbey departs in December, I will be crying into my teacup.

My dog. There’s a love hate relationship if I’ve ever seen one. I love my dog. She’s very sweet, always, always, always wants to sit on my lap, lick my face and generally follow me everywhere I go (yep, even to the bathroom). That’s the good bit. The bad bit is she rarely listens, always barks, and goes crazy whenever someone comes over to the point where we lock her in another room because she just can’t stand other people and we worry about her biting (which she’s never actually done before). We’ve spent a fortune on multiple dog trainers (even a 3 week live away doggy boot camp), citronella spray bark collars, a water bottle, and high-pitch tone anti-barkers. Nothing has worked.


About two weeks ago after a particularly bad day of barking at every single sound (hello dog, we live in an apartment building, and I know that before 3 months ago you had a big house, and a huge yard, and very little noise in suburban America, but we live in central London now, try to get a grip,) I literally cried after I climbed into bed that night. I had pretty much had all I could take of my dog and was busy thinking about how to go about rehoming her. Sad, but it’s not the first time I’ve had that conversation with myself. Our life would be so much easier without this dog, but on the flip side, so much less fun too.

One of the wonderful things about blogging has been the chance to meet people (virtually and occasionally up close and personal). The majority of the people I used to be blogging pals with have given up the game long ago. Captain Dumbass, SuperKeely, SciFi Dad, Cinnamon & Honey, Clark Kent’s Lunchbox; these were my morning staples (among many others) for years, years. None of them blog anymore. Two blogs no longer even exist as far as I know, and the others are just sitting there neglected, dusty and full of spiders.

It is very sad. There were some seriously funny writers, and dare I say virtual friends contained in the blogs I used to read. I had the chance to meet some of them years ago at BlogHer in New York city, and that was wonderful. But the days of real blogging, as it used to be, has long since passed. Now everyone is a blogger, has a blog, has a social presence; I think it just turned me off to the entire thing and that’s why I made a  drastic move and erased every account I had.

Now if I have something to say, it really is for me, and I have to stop caring whether or not anyone actually reads it.

I don’t think that’s 7 things, or maybe even very interesting, but that’s sort of how I arrived where I am, after a few different blogs (I tend to enjoy thinking up blog names, some of my past ones: Cupcakes and Whine, When The Sun Comes, The Literary Side, I got kind of addicted to it…)

I’m not going to nominate anyone (rule breaker!), but I definitely think everyone should seek out a real blog, one that connects with the readers and doesn’t post solely for the products they can get for free, or what they can get from it. I read the fashion blogs, and beauty blogs, and I enjoy them, but none of them give me that “I wonder what they’ve been up to” urge I used to get when I would sit down in the morning with my coffee and click on my blog reader. I think those days have long since passed.

And that truly does make me sad.