A little bit of crazy

It would take far too long explain all the things that have happened in the last four months. A lot of very hard things (the end of a marriage), and some positive things (earning a 4.0 gpa for fall). But it’s a new year and there are lots of new things. I’m currently house hunting for my first-ever bought all by myself home (very scary!) and I’m continuing on my educational path (and very seriously looking at grad school programs. I am crazy.)

I am also falling completely in love with this:


Photo from Vestibule Trailers

This is a Vestibule Teardrop Trailer. And it is BEAUTIFUL. Let me say two things: I have always wanted to travel around the US in a trailer. I’ve never hauled anything before in my life.

The good news? You can pull this with a Subaru Outback, or lucky for me, a BMW X3. The trailers are lightweight (about 1500-2500 lbs depending what’s in them), maneuverable (if YouTube people are to be believed), and are simply stinkin’ cute. I’ve seen other teardrop trailers when camping previously and am obsessed with them. They were never an option before, but on my own or even with Chick, they suddenly are.


Mind you, it’s basic. There’s a bed inside that can become a couch, and a small kitchen in the back with a Dometic cooler as a fridge.


I’m under no illusions about that would be like. But the adventure side, and all the places you could go side of me simply does not care. Camping in the Arches? Done. Yellowstone? Done. The prospect of doing it simply makes me happy.

As I house search now there’s another criteria to go along with a small-ish yard for the dog and three bedrooms; a garage big enough for a teardrop trailer or a neighborhood that allows trailers in the driveway.

Then the only thing left to do is dream up all the places I could go.

Kitchens, Camping, and Life {oh my}

It is already November 8th and I can hardly believe there are only 6 short, itty, bitty weeks until the Christmas season. Where does the time go?? Halloween came and went, and the changing of the clocks, and all the leaves have blown away. We’ve even had snow…


That in itself seems impossible here in Seattle. But snow it did over the weekend. Most of you in colder climates will laugh but several inches of snow in Seattle in November is no joke. It’s a warning to just how fun this winter season is going to be!

I’m always wishing there was more time, but it truly does seem we skipped from fall straight into winter with not a lot of fall. Maybe it’s just being back in America again, and recognizing the change without the concrete jungle of London. Maybe it’s because fall is my favorite season and I am always sad to see the leaves change and blow away within a week or two. This year has been spectacular with color, but once again I only have phone snaps because there just is never enough time go out and capture it with a proper camera. Or rather I always think there’ll be time next week, after I finish the halloween costume, after that dinner, after after after.

And there never is.

Here is a sampling of what we’ve done so far this fall:


The kitchen is finished. Hall-leh-lujah. I haven’t taken any proper pictures (mainly because LIFE and for me proper pictures would REQUIRE me to scrub it top to bottom and then ACCESSORIZE and I just haven’t done it). While it took what felt like forever, and our contractor was definitely not our favorite person by the end {the amount of dirt/dust/everything everywhere…I’m still cleaning, let’s just put it that way}, our vision did come to life.

The living room is coming along. I bought a mirror for the fireplace yesterday and I’m still deciding if it works or not. I put some maps on the walls. Two are new but the others are ones I collected while we lived abroad or are ones we used to use when we lived in Germany before the whole smart phone era. {I rather miss those days.}


Yep, still have pictures etc sitting on the floor, but overall I hope the vibe is fun and casual (just like this phone generated picture).

In October we went camping at Lake Wenatchee, and 3/4 of us admitted to having a ton of fun. {the boy resists admitting he had fun, but I’m pretty sure he did.} The main purpose of the trip was two fold: 1. we’ve only been talking about camping for 17 years now since we registered for (and received) a tent for our wedding. And while we are definitely beyond the proper age for tent camping, we did finally go camping. Albeit in a trailer. Which brings me to 2. we rented a trailer for the weekend to see if we would want to buy one in the future (answer: YES). It was so much fun just being out in nature {ala my entire childhood of camping and boating}, and I can’t get enough of it.

Neither can the majority of my family. Even though it was freezing at night, and we didn’t have a hookup, and couldn’t run the heater. {noted, don’t camp in October in Washington without a power hook-up}.

Still. Best.Weekend.Ever.

(And phone snaps again because despite owning a very nice dslr, I never really use it)

I can’t wait for the winter RV show, where we will be seriously looking at trailers. I do wish we’d done this years ago so our kids could be camping freaks like me!

Onward we go into November and both the Chick and I are starting (separate) ballet classes, there is grandma’s stuffing to make, and the traditional Chinese food for Thanksgiving. Before we know it, I’ll be recapping Christmas and New Years.

We’ll be staring down the start of 2018, and yearning for spring.

What has your fall been like? Anything exciting happening?