Winter 10×10 Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of the Winter10x10 Challenge – details here – so I thought I would share my initial thoughts and my first outfit. I might not do this everyday, I’ll likely combine several days outfits/thoughts into one post. But since I am still in my workout clothes (who else kicked some butt this morning??) and haven’t yet gotten into outfit two, you just get outfit one today!


I wore vegan leather leggings in a stone color from Abercrombie & Fitch, a blue and white gingham button down from J Crew, and a long cardigan (with pockets!!) from White Stuff. On my feet, the Beverly Boot from Bass Outlet.

On Monday night I set these three pieces side by side on my clothes rack and liked what I saw. Warmth is very important in London winters and a drafty Edwardian terraced house. Trust me. The leggings are very warm being lined with a sweatshirt type of fleece on the inside. I do always forget that they are a stone color and not cream or grey, so they don’t totally work perfectly here. They are comfortable except when you sit down. The knees don’t bend all that well and are tight. I’ve never worn leather leggings (or vegan leather in this case), so I don’t know if that’s normal but it was uncomfortable. As soon as I picked up my kids from school at 4, I slid into some lounge pants. These were an online clearance buy last year, and do like them, I’m just not sure it’s love. Which probably explains why I don’t wear them that often.


The gingham shirt. Love. I am a blue aholic these days. blue blue blue. I can’t get enough. I even have this same shirt in a turquoise color which I couldn’t resist because it was on mega clearance for £30. I do feel guilt about buying from J Crew because they are not a particularly ethical/responsible company, but I fall back on knowing that I will more than wear these shirts to death. They are a lightweight material so I can layer them for winter and roll the sleeves up for summer. Win win. The only thing I don’t like (and forgive me if you can see it in the picture) is they need to be ironed. Poo to ironing. For someone who doesn’t have a proper dryer and has to hang dry every.single.thing, ironing is my nemesis. {and now that Downton Abbey is over, and I’ve already watched all of Medici twice, what am I supposed to watch while I iron on Monday mornings??} I did forget to iron this shirt, but since I had a coat on when I was out and was home the rest of the day, I let it go!

The cardigan sweater I bought at White Stuff back in November the day before I went on a trip to Seattle. I really wanted to wear leggings on the plane {it’s ten hours from London to Seattle, comfort is paramount} but I am a very big believer in NOT showing my bum. I simply can’t do it, though I absolutely love the leggings from White Stuff. It’s very comfy, warm, and, though I keep forgetting when I’m wearing it, it has pockets.

Let me just say the secret to life is Pockets. On dresses, skirts, sweaters. A good pocket = a good day.

The boots I do love, though my socks tend to fall all the way down whenever I wear them. I don’t think they quite worked here though. Shoes were the hardest for me to put into the 10×10, and maybe I should have traded out a piece to have the ability to go with whatever shoes I wanted (after all there are no real rules). I have lots of shoes (as the Husband will be sure to let you know), but I tend to wear the same three or four pairs. I should have probably thrown in these blue tennis shoes, but I’d put them away as more ‘spring/summer’, though they would probably be warmer than my Nike’s and would have worked with this outfit. Sticking to two shoes is hard for me, even more so than two pants. I could have probably done fine with one pair of jeans for the whole ten days. Something about saying, you can only wear these two shoes and they must go with everything, is very hard for me.

Overall, I felt pretty comfortable in the outfit. I didn’t do much yesterday, I spent a lot of time on my computer, went to the grocery on the way to the school bus stop. played with the dog. I think this outfit would be fine for any day though, a trip to a gallery, or a day running errands in the city.

Day 1 of the #winter10x10 : Success!


*and I finally signed up for a Dummies Guide to your DSLR class. The woman running the class chooses to call it Manual – n- More, but we all know its Dummies DSLR101. I can get to grips with that.

Weekly Wardrobe – June

Like I said in my last post, I’m trying to capture my outfits so I can keep track of them here. This should help me a lot with accountability and hopefully help curb my online shopping problem. (thanks mom for letting me ship packages to your house to collect this summer!) The pictures are not fabulous, but I am working on trying to figure out my camera (Nikon D40). You know, 9 years after I received it. It’s not in focus, at least not in focus in the right place. The outdoor picture is decidedly better, and I’ve actually always liked the color of the bricks on the outside of the rear of the house. So as long as it’s not raining…


Monday: Skirt, Joe Fresh (old), similar; Pink Painters Tee, JCrew; Wedges, Life Stride (old); Ring, Monica Vinader; Necklace, White Stuff, similar, Watch, Radley; Glasses, Kate Spade (old)

I’ve also discovered that, in just this post, it takes a bloody long time to link everything. Hats off to those who do this everyday. A lot of the items in the post are a year or more old, so finding the exact items isn’t always possible and finding similar items isn’t always possible either. Forget linking to an ethical option as well. It took me 45 mins just to do the pictures and linking. {Maybe I’ll get better at it. It’s also hard to do this in front of your children, as in the picture above, especially when one is a 14 year old boy, I felt decidedly stupid having him staring at me running back and forth using the camera timer while he was eating a snack}.

I’m also including a few items I carry with me all the time. A little notebook, lipsticks, hand sanitizer {public transportation, yo, it’s nasty}, and a wristlet where I keep my Oyster card and phone. Steal my wallet if you must, but don’t mess with my life line of my bus/tube pass and my phone. Plus, the wristlet is my favorite color.


Agenzio Notebook, Paperchase; Rouge Volupte Shine #44, YSL; Raspberry POP, Clinique; Hand Cleanse Gel, Body Shop; Leather Bow Wristlet, Kate Spade, (old), similar

I did discover that doing this is kind of fun. Knowing that I might post what I’m wearing here, it’s making me more aware of what I’m putting together. For the outfit below, even though my feet aren’t pictured (they are wearing the Birkenstocks linked last time), I wore these sneakers this morning because I needed to go to Westfield {aka the mall} instead of the cute blue flats that would have complemented the outfit better (but would have killed my foot), or the Birkenstocks I wear around the house (but for me, sandals and city living do not mix. at. all. Dirt, pebbles, people’s cigarette ash, it somehow ends up in my sandals and on my feet). Comfort and closed shoes for the win.


Tuesday: Stripe Top, Winser London, similar; Shorts, Banana Republic (old), similar; Sunglasses, prescription, Robert Marc (old), similar

Despite the fact that I forgot to bring the too-big pants I needed to return, I did stick to my list of what I needed to get. I bought Chick’s costume for her best friends GhostBusters Birthday Party on Saturday (she’s also going to a party on Sunday at a salon, hello Birthday Season). She wants to be Janine from the original movie, the Ghostbusters secretary. Which earns her points for not going with a jumpsuit and a proton pack, but Janine is hardly in the movie, so replicating an 80’s outfit is not easy. I found a black and white plaid tunic-ish dress, and grey leggings with black polka dots. I used this picture for inspiration.


Now if I could just find a red sweater vest from a charity shop on the high street, we’d be in business. Or something I could cut into a sweater vest. I’m willing to ‘ruin’ an item for a fiver if my girl likes the costume. I might even tie some yarn onto her glasses like a chain. It was a lot of fun watching the movie with her this weekend. I don’t think I’d seen it since I was a kid.

Up next, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.