Friday Inspiration

Lately I’ve been wondering if the digital age has been a good thing. There are certainly a lot more crappy drivers out there thanks to all the texting while driving (I was on the freeway the other day next to a woman in the passing lane – doing 70+mph by the way- who was looking down, texting with both hands, and driving with her knee. Needless to say I moved over a lane, just to be safe.) But the digital age has also changed the way we take pictures. It’s been good in that the images are crisper, immediately available, and can be edited straightaway (you can fix that overexposure before sending it to Instagram.) It also means that of all the pictures we take, we are less likely to print them.

I have 7,041 pictures just on my phone. On.My.Phone. It is insane, I am insane, I do realize that.


We recently went on vacation to Hawaii (yeesh, already 3 weeks ago…) and we probably took 500 pictures between our DSLR and my pocket camera, not including 3 cell phones. Have we even looked at them yet?


I just learned the Kilauea volcano erupted. I’m so glad that we aren’t there right now. Even though we were staying in Waikoloa, on the opposite side of the island, I can’t imagine how scary that is. I hope everyone stays safe.

We take the pictures and maybe we move them off the camera when the next thing comes around that we want to take pictures of, but we never do anything with the pictures. This has become starkly clear to me as I am trying to procure frames for various items to hang on my living room wall (and I say procure because it feels like I’m buying art from Christies. The cost of framing a 24×36 $20 poster is no joke. It is however distracting me from the recent quotes for renovating our backyard, which are seriously depressing.)

So on this Friday, a little colorful inspiration:

Very bold. But I did once transform an old Ikea coffee table with this exact color.

This certainly would be an awesome dinner party to attend.

This bridge would make me happy dance across. Every.Time.

This would be quite the walk up the stairs at night.

Who wouldn’t want to grab a drink from one of these pretty glasses?

I think now that spring has maybe come to Seattle (though it looks gloomy at present which is not good seeing as I need to add one more coat of paint to the front door….), color is everywhere. And it definitely looks good.

Do you feel drawn to bright colors in the spring? What are some of your favorites?