Monday Mojo: Inspiration

Good ole Monday. No matter how hard we try, she just keeps popping around every week. And it’s always manic {cue Manic Monday}.¬†Today’s Monday is no exception:

  • alarm check
  • landlord suddenly decides at 7 am to attend alarm check appointment (and see to leaking skylight)
  • cue total freak out and cleaning marathon {I even shined up the windows}
  • freak out Ocado delivery man because you are holding a barking dog while answering the door, because you thought it was the dog people, which leads to…
  • dog pick-up to spend the day at daycare; she’s neurotic enough without listening to an alarm going off for 20 minutes
  • skip to Oxford Circus to make a return before non-returnable deadline
  • make it home in time to grab children from school bus and find time buy dinner, and finally mail things at the post

Ah, Monday’s. So since it’s Monday, I thought let’s share some of the lovely things I pinned over the weekend. The redesign kitchen/living room theme is still strong in my mind, and I found some beautiful wallpapers. The Husband and I have discussed making one wall of the downstairs 3/4 guest bathroom a feature wall with a dramatic wallpaper. Oddly enough, we mostly like the same thing, which is great.

My first pick:


Beautiful. I’m not 100% on using it in the bathroom because I think it’d look wonderful in our bedroom as an anchor behind the bed. But I doubt the Husband would be fine with that. One that would look dramatic for the bedroom would be this blue number:

It would also look awesome in the office. We’ve decided to change the downstair bedroom back into the guest room but with a murphy bed set-up (since the 3/4 bathroom is right there on the main floor) and make the extra upstairs bedroom into his office/my art room. The wallpaper above would certainly inspire me to be creative. And it’s blue, so it’s win-win.

These two are super fun:

They are both dramatic and would work best in a full large wall. The dining room room would be perfect for this {it might even make it okay that we most likely can’t take down the kitchen/dining room wall and I won’t get my eat-in-kitchen}.

The wallpapers these days are sort of mind blowing. I remember the options when I was a kid and I wanted to redo my bedroom. It was Little House on the Prairie stripes and pink roses. Wallpaper has come a long way.

I couldn’t see this working in my house, but it’s impact is enormous {and fabulous!}:

Wow, right? Of course I did find these posters hilarious, and they would work well in the office or even the living room:

Definitely a good one for the office. I actually think the husband’s work office would look good with something like that.

What is making you feel inspired on this Monday?