September Hiking

One of my favorite hiking trials hasn’t seen me more than twice this year. With summer now officially over (and summer classes behind me and fall classes yet to start), it felt like the right time to get out and get my hike on. As I always do, because I am the Queen of the iPhone photo (7,362 and counting), some pictures from this afternoons hike at the Summit.


Post-apocalypse; or surviving jet-lag, & vacation review

Jet-lag. Oh, you fun little treat. If jet-lag were the ‘it’ item of the month, then I would be in luck. Because jet-lag is certainly living large and in-charge in my life this week. We are post 6 days since we returned from the US, and I’m still hitting snooze to the point where I’ve started taking my alarm into bed with me so I don’t have to get up to hit reset.

Nicht gut, meine freund.

Tomorrow the kids go back to school, which means I have the school run, which means the alarm will be going off at 6:15. I’m having trouble going to bed before 11, falling asleep before midnight, and rarely sleeping all night long {last nights highlights include obnoxious drunks walking down the street at 3 am, the dog throwing up at 4 am, and then she decided at 7 am that she’d like to get up and go outside. Note: dogs do not care that you would like a nice sleep-in.}

61 days.

61 days left on the Great London Adventure and I am most looking forward to the fact that we will be spending 9 of those days in other countries {Ireland, Scotland, Norway} I am, as they say, done. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is definitely at home in Seattle. It seems strange that I am so looking forward to going back to one of the rainiest places, but when you have views like these just driving down the freeway, how could you not want to be there??


FullSizeRender 6IMG_9845

Seeing that -those glorious mountains- never, ever gets old. Even in awful phone snaps.

I had planned to blog about the Spring 10×10 but I ended up not taking my computer with me on holiday, and that’s good; as I would have had zero time to actually write anything. We pretty much spent vacation {especially our brief trip to Seattle} going from 6 am to 9 pm without much of a break. The days were full, and productive {the kitchen is fully planned and picked, our contractor has already picked up our granite slab we chose at the warehouse. that’s a post for another day.} I did take some admittedly terrible selfie outfit shots which you can find on my Instagram. At some point I might get around to writing more about it.

The trip to the US was really good, and we managed to go a great hike with my sister in law aka The Hiking Guru. The day truly was spectacular {even if it was 4.2 miles!}




You could even see the skyline of New York City in the distance at one of the lookout points.


I can see many hikes ahead in our future back in Seattle {which is kind of the mecca of hiking/outdoor activities}, because we all really enjoyed it. We also enjoyed a walk around Princeton and the campus, which I had never been to before (the campus, I’ve been to the town a few times). The weather turned so nice we stood outside eating ice cream in the shade and didn’t even get cold. {I love NJ in the spring!}

Vacation is always welcome, even if I am glad this was our last back and forth to the US {because all I want right now is a nap}. Even though we were crazy busy most of the days, I definitely know that I felt relaxed in a way that I never am in London. Maybe it’s just being home, in my own country, or in my city, but I think it might be awhile before I get the expat itch again.

It might be a good long while indeed.


*journal style blogs are out it seems, but I’m in the thought of who gives a peach?

A little legal action, and a little hiking action; Typical Monday

It was a typical Monday around our house yesterday; a little time at the courthouse, a little hike in the forest. Obviously, not exactly typical! Let me back up and explain. Back in 07 we adopted the Chick from Taiwan. Completely legal, official, and binding.

Fast forward to January/February of 2015. Upon providing our documents from the adoption to the immigration lawyers in the UK responsible for obtaining our visas, we were informed that the UK did not recognize adoptions from Taiwan, and therefore, she would be denied a visa. This was definitely not something we were expecting. The only way to actually get Chick a visa was to re-adopt her in the state of Washington, and obtain a US birth certificate. Then the UK would give her a visa; which is good because she’s gosh darn dang excited to move to London.

She is under the impression we will be lunching with the Duchess of Cambridge, or at least popping by to see the children, and say hi.

I’m not entirely sure she understands that the likelihood of us even standing in a crowd to see the royal family is unlikely. Though if the Duke and Duchess need any help with the babies, Chick is happy to volunteer!

Yesterday, we walked into the courthouse and received an official, legal, binding adoption decree….again. All the proper documents are now in the hands of the UK, and hopefully, we will have our visa’s in hand by June 21 when we plan to fly to London. Seeing as we just rented out our house here in the US and our tenant moves in June 22, lets hope there are no more hiccups in this process.

IMG_1497 IMG_1506 IMG_1507

Since that pretty much took half the day (since the court we went through was in Everett), the kids took the day off from school. Don’t they look super-duper upset about that? Of course, the one snap our lawyer took of us looking at the camera, the kids both look utterly unhappy. For the Boy, that’s normal, he’s a teenager. I don’t know exactly why Chick looks like that except that maybe she finally realizes what a looney family she’s stuck with.

That’s life my little Chickadee!

So what do you do after spending the morning driving to and from court? Go hiking of course!

We had been to Rattlesnake Lake last year just to check it out, but we hadn’t gone up the hiking trail before. It seems it wasn’t for the faint of heart, and Chick stormed right up that mountain with nary a complaint. Which is remarkable considering we’d never taken her hiking before, and it turns out to have been a bit of a hike.

Rattlesnake Ledge


Snoqualmie Region — North Bend Area


4.0 miles, roundtrip


Gain: 1160 ft.
Highest Point: 2078 ft.
We were probably about .1 mile from he viewing ledge (though we didn’t realize it, all we saw was more serious uphill hiking, so we turned around). It was very, very pretty though.
DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0050 DSC_0053
It was definitely a good hike. If you are ever in the North Bend, WA area I highly recommend checking it out. Hopefully we will hike it again, and make it to the view point this time!