Last minute festival tickets

A few weeks ago, I was searching the internet trying to see how to get tickets to one of the music festivals that are so popular in the UK. The biggest being Glastonbury that was a couple of weeks ago. Tickets to that festival are very hard to get, and once you buy them – in October for a June show – you cannot change your mind or sell them (as every ticket is printed with your picture to avoid reselling). At the equivalent of about $310 a ticket, there really is no going back. You are committed. I registered the Husband and myself for a chance to get tickets just for fun. You never know. Maybe we’ll get tickets and someone will watch our kids for 4 days next June.

One of the other festivals, and there are quite a lot, is the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. {which oddly enough I heard a lot of last year since we lived across from the park and that’s where we used to walk our dog} I looked at tickets about ten days ago. The only big name I recognized was Mumford & Sons (who I love), but they were playing Friday (today) and the only tickets left were over $100 each.

Flash to about an hour ago: the Husband calls to ask me if we want two free tickets to todays BST festival. His boss has 2 extras. {cue the rainbows and unicorns} So the first thing to do, after immediately turning on M&S on my phone, is to figure out what I’m wearing, right? I already had on the green linen pants, and decided to switch out my black tee shirt for this {supposed to be off the shoulder} boho top.


boho top, Abercrombie & Fitch; linen trousers, Next; purse, Kohls (old); Birkenstocks


The last festival I attended was the Y100 Feztival back in 1996-97? in Philadelphia. So a looong time ago. I’ve been to concerts since, most recently Dave Matthews at the O2 last fall. Most unforgettably, Jimmy Buffett in the pouring rain in 2002.


Hopefully, I’ll still like festivals after tonight. Mumford & Sons go on stage at 8:20 tonight, which is usually the time I’m {sadly} putting on my pajamas. This getting older stuff is no joke.

Have you been to a music festival? Do you have any tips for me?