Stunned. In Denial. Saddened.

That sums up my feelings on the very, very wrong turn America has taken on election night. The most unpopular candidates in history. The most contentious campaigns. The one person that most embodies what is wrong with America, the things we are trying to fix about our country, is now going to be in charge of that country.

It makes me want to weep. For my future, for my children’s future, for the country’s future.

If I saw him walking down the sidewalk, I would cross to the other side. If I was invited to an event at the White House, I wouldn’t go. If I was required to call him President or die, well, I guess I wouldn’t be long for the world. He deserves no respect.

Now imagine those thoughts as they are echoed around the world, by citizens of other countries (who are saying, we’ve got problems, but at least we don’t live in America!), thoughts echoed by world leaders, who now know America is a joke, a place where racism wins, and where we can elect a man with absolutely no values or morals.

It is pouring rain in London today. I prefer to say London is weeping for America.

As I know I am.