He did not just do that. Or THAT. (House of Cards)

As ever, I’m late to the party. Have you seen House of Cards? Holy moly. I will say I tried watching it when it first came out and hated the way Frank talked to the camera. I never made it more than 4 minutes in. Then, The Husband watched a bunch of episodes on a flight to Europe and got hooked. So we ordered up Netflix.

Up to this past weekend, I still wasn’t interested, even though he kept telling me to give it a go! Now season 3 is out (and The Husband is saving watching it until he moves to London next week.) Monday I decided fine, I’ll try it again.

I’m already 3 episodes into season 2.


If you haven’t watched the show, look away my friends because there may be details and spoilers coming your way. Because here’s what I have trouble wrapping my brain around.

First, Clare. Holy royal bitch. I hated her for like the first 4 episodes (and I’m really not fond of her even now, though her wardrobe is pretty nice…) And Frank. Totally thought he was okay; typical ten shades shy of legal politician. We know that stuff really does go on, and I love DC anyway.

And. Then. He. Slept. With. Zoe.

I decided he’s a scumbag. Then he got Peter all sober and was helping him and I started to think, okay, men do what they do and he’s a politician, and even an I-will-screw-you-over-ten-fold-if-you-wrong-me politician. But he has good in him.


And really, where do you go for redemption after you stage someones murder to look like suicide? I just can’t recover from that one.

But again, he crept on my He’s-Evil-As-Hell-But-I-Still-Like-Him side.

And. Then. He. Pushed. Zoe. In. Front. Of. The. Train.

I have to admit, I did NOT see that coming. I could see the Peter thing forming in his mind and all that, and it was still shocking, but I full on gasped and clapped my hand over my mouth when he threw her into the subway train. Total freaking unexpected moment.

I am slightly afraid to keep watching (though this show is like a drug because it’s a train wreck, literally, and I can not stop, or look away, or avert my eyes, or any of the other things normal people would do, I just keep watching.)

Let’s hope this House of Cards thing just goes on and on and on. Because Clare and Frank are completely terrifying and somehow likable (I would run if I ever saw either of them coming down a back alley though, and we can probably add Doug Stamper to that list because that silent shit is pretty freaking scary in his own way).

So, if anyone needs me in the next day and half, I’ll be peeking out from under the covers at the tv, wondering who exactly Frank is going to kill next.