The Closet Conundrum

Do you have closet issues? I definitely do. I’m currently rotating through 6 t-shirts (okay, I just bought one more shirt). Because for whatever idiotic reason, that’s all I packed in my suitcase. In our air shipment I somehow lost my brain and packed dresses.

Have you walked a dog 4 times a day in Hyde Park wearing a dress?

Not exactly high on my list of things to do, so those dresses I packed to get me through until ‘Household Goods Delivery Celebration’ day, are still contained in the closet exactly as they were delivered. Plastic and all.

I don’t really know what I was thinking London was going to be like for clothes. I’ve been on a quest to find my London style. Which, as odd as it seems, is different from my Seattle style. Both are large cities, but I have only actually lived in, and relied on the public transport, of one of those cities.

I’m finding my wardrobe woefully lacking for my new lifestyle. It has to be quick, and easy, and dog walking friendly, without being sloppy, or going anywhere a crop top might go. I’m not about to go clunking around in heels through the grasses of Hyde Park. My dog likes to harken herself as some lion in the Serengeti, stalking her prey (that would be the squirrels or the pigeons), and dragging mama along for the ride.

That’s not easy to do in black pumps. There are more ‘potholes’ in the grass than on the roadways. Not to mention trash, cigarette (and other) butts, uncurbed dog mess, dirt, and generally sogginess after a rain. I have no inclination to deal with wearing nice shoes during all of that. Not to mention I am averaging walking 4-7 miles a day with walking the dog and walking everywhere we need to go on a daily basis. My feet love my red heels, but not for that long.

I’ve invested in these babies and they are my new friend.



Source: Superga


I felt rather proud that they were dirty by the end of day one wearing them. I couldn’t have achieved that living in the suburbs!

My wardrobe crisis isn’t helped by seeing all the beautiful things on blogs like this and this and this one. Crisis indeed. The biggest problem seems to be the London world is mad for crop tops. Mama doesn’t wear crop tops. I’m pretty sure high waisted vinyl culottes are also not tops on my list either.



Source – Asos


The pretend way too short dress (as I call it) from Zara


The two piece I cannot get behind (nor the items called ‘playsuits’, sounds like something an infant would be wearing.) Source: Zara

I am going to be a bit brave though. I snatched up these printed trousers. We’ll see how it goes. I did manage to leave the white crop top behind. Maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and wear it with my red/orange striped hoodie from J Crew and a pair of Converse. Brave indeed.


Source: Zara

There are plenty of other lovely (and not lovely) choices out there. I am trying to find my way through the brands here, attempting to stay away from my favorites from home – Banana Republic, J Crew, and Gap – all of which have stores here, and branch out into more European brands like Zara, ASOS, and Next. Of course you can buy Zara and probably ASOS in the US, but it’s a place to start for me.

I’ve added some new fashion blog follows in the sidebar. I hope you might find something drool worthy. What have you been wearing lately?